Creativity as an exact science

What is T.R.I.Z. science? 

It is studied in Universities and schools around the world, especially by our enemies in Iran, only Israel seems to ignore it. T.R.I.Z. is a new perspective on problem solving, especially technological problems, but not only. In English we call it the Theory of Inventive Problem Solving but it is known by its Russian acronym TRIZ. The Jewish researcher, engineer and science fiction writer who created / discovered it, Genrich Altshuller, lived in the former USSR from 1926-1998, and actually did most of the work on TRIZ while a prisoner in one of Stalin's Gulag camps!

From the TRIZ perspective any person, any person at all, has an enormous potential for creativity which only needs to be woken up and facilitated by tools which Altshuller formulated. The TRIZ axiom is that all systems in any field of knowledge develop according to specific laws, which can be investigated and studied for use with any creative or practical problem from a variety of fields.

The primary function of TRIZ is to define the intrinsic contradiction which lies hidden under the surface of any problem. One means of accomplishing the challenge of recognizing the true enigma is by dividing the problem into sub-categories and for each of these to define the contradiction.  Compromise is not an option in TRIZ strategy, the task is to discover the most innovative and complete solution which is accessed through 3 stages of discovery: to clarify the problem by deciphering the terms which describe the problem thoroughly, this will reveal the intrinsic contradictions and by resolving these in a new and efficient way which helps humanity an invention is revealed.   

Ideal Solution expresses the notion that there is a clear tendency of systems in any field, whether directly or indirectly, to use resources to the least possible degree. In other words an Ideal Solution utilizes materials, energy, time, cost or data in as expedient a means as is possible, whilst being multi-functional and highly competitive. This is possible when the laws of system development are completely understood.

Another aspect of TRIZ is its focus and attention on the development of a creative imagination.   To redirect and train thinking processes out of conventional thought patterns practiced since early infancy, where children tried to solve problems using trial and error techniques. Innovative ideas accessed through trial and error are time consuming and expensive. TRIZ takes advantage of a series of specific techniques and approaches which train the young researcher to break through out of the environment of conventional thought processes to discover highly innovative ideas outside of the usual frame. TRIZ teaches not just how to abandon familiar thinking patterns, but also how to look for new ideas outside the box and to apply them in the actual circumstances of real life problems.

TRIZ was created by analyzing literally millions of invention patents. It remains an ongoing process which means that TRIZ science continues to evolve. New discoveries generate new rules. The analysis, application and polishing of ideas means that the TRIZ approach allows seeing the development of a problem in all its various parameters. The 'system operator' facilitates a total mapping of information highlighting spacial data, time data, to which supra-systems it belongs, which sub-systems it consists of and so forth.  This cascading trellis of screens of data makes it practical to visualize all the possible ideas involved in the development of a specific problem.

Why should this tool be ignored by Israeli industry or defense?  In the market today there are hybrid methods which have taken bits and pieces from various approaches, the most attractive pieces, and with the goal of financial gain rather than service to humanity circulate them around in short lived courses which bring no lasting changes in the approach to problem solving. The motivation for many leading world companies in USA, Europe, the Far East and the Middle East for their employees to learn unabridged TRIZ is to improve their company’s functioning or profits, or that of a specific device or technology which will find it difficult to survive in the competitive market of the modern world. The study and use of unabridged TRIZ goes beyond the simple desire for profit. TRIZ is actually the applied science of creativity. Studying and using TRIZ in-depth, rather than taking a 'quicky' hybrid course, changes the student's perspective and way of thinking, it gives him confidence in his own creative skills and will improve the level of life for the individual and for society.