Lowering the Bar?

I met someone nice today.
No. Let me re-phrase that. I MAY have met someone nice today.
No. Let''s be honest... I had a chat with someone on messenger and he seemed literate and not psychotic.
You''d think I have lowered the bar but it''s not my fault. The nice guys are still nice, but the creeps are creepier. They lurk in the corners of the dating sites, drawing you in with their charm, and then wham, they hit you with their creepiness.
But what choices do I have?
Men in supermarkets are a far cry from being single.... they have been sent there by their wives with long shopping lists in the hopes that they - the wives - can have an hour of peace and quiet. But then they - the men - stand helpless at the shelves, list in one hand cell phone in the other, receiving new orders from central command.
Singles Bars?
Thank you no. These are the realm of the mono-syllabic crowd, too young to get the reference to Sgt. Pepper.
I''ve already discussed the difficulties of meeting men at the pool, and I have yet to gracefully spill the contents of my purse and be rescued by a melancholy Hollywood actor just waiting for a girl like me. (Although I have fallen flat on my face for no apparent reason in front of my favorite ice cream place).
So, until that time that I am introduced to a friend of a friend, I will keep my creep-detectors honed and persevere in that netherworld of online dating.