Hillary's nomination changes nothing for Women

This past week, Hillary Clinton was crowned queen of the Democratic National Convention. The news was met with cheering, clapping, and more than a few shed tears. I have no statistic to back this up, but if my Facebook News Feed is any indication, many of these overjoyed Democrats are women. 
And they are all woefully uninformed. 
On the surface, Hillary made history. She is the first person with female genitalia to win the Democratic nomination. Nobody can take this away from her. Nobody can take that away from women everywhere for whom this means something. For them, Hillary has gone where no woman has gone before, breaking through the perennial glass ceiling of female electorate limitation. 
But lets look at the facts on the ground. What has Hillary actually accomplished? 
Women are no longer enslaved to their wood stoves and washboards. Women are billionaires. Women are actors, athletes, doctors, lawyers, judges and CEO's. Women are also housewives, but by choice. Hillary is not a member of a minority. Hillary has not lived a life of hardship and poverty. Hillary has been privileged since day one. She married into power, held prominent positions, and made millions along the way. 
Hillary is not a role model for women everywhere. If anything, she's set back women by decades by reinforcing the stereotype that being white, powerful and rich can get you places. She overcame nothing and achieved everything. 
Now, in my eyes all of this could be overlooked, if not for the shameful, potentially illegal and obviously scandalous way that she achieved this nomination. There is a media storm in the wings once the details of Debbie Wasserman-Shulz's campaign sabotage come out. Another email scandal? Really?
I could also find it in my heart to give her the benefit of the doubt - maybe Shulz is a fanatic, and did it on her own accord. But then to go AND HIRE HER? This is not inspirational female leadership. This is not glass-ceiling-breaking historical accomplishment. This is corrupt political strategy. This is not behavior that women need to rally behind.