The Liberal Order's Failure on North Korea

If  the thought of North Korea acquiring ICBM’s that can reach your hometown doesn’t keep you up at night, it certainly should.


This is quickly going from theory to reality as world leader’s continually neglect Pyongyang's ever improving nuclear apparatus.  


On October 25th 2016, former U.S. Director of National Intelligence James Clapper said that "the notion of getting the North Koreans to denuclearize is probably a lost cause" and that nuclear weapons are North Korea's "ticket to survival."  


President Obama, with the help of Secretary of State’s Hillary Clinton and John Kerry, utterly failed the global community and future generations by not sufficiently addressing this dilemma. So has Xi Jinping, Vladimir Putin, Theresa May and, the European Union.


Donald Trump appears to be all talk, no action on Kim Jong-un thus far.  He's spent his time banning immigrants fighting on the front lines against ISIS while simultaneously offering nothing more than a short tweet and a few remarks on North Korea. 


Early Sunday morning North Korea launched another ballistic missile, giving Trump his first test.  His North Korea policy largely remains to be seen.    


We can't let Kim Jong-un get his hands on the mean's to our destruction.  


Trump must impose an immediate militarily enforced ban on any further missile testing.  If they violated that ban, we should destroy all of their nuclear facilities the same day.  


This may sound radical, but it’s not so extreme when you imagine an irrational actor obtaining the means to blow up Tel-Aviv or San Francisco. Tel-Aviv may not be the first  town on Kim Jon-un’s list, however it would certainly be high up on the Ayatollah Khomeini’s.


Paradoxically, The Iran Nuclear Deal has been the center of attention while American leaders continuously neglect North Korea.  


There is substantive evidence that Iran and North Korea are sharing technology on both the production and delivery of nuclear weapons. The Iran nuclear agreement will be undercut if Iran simply procures nuclear bombs from North Korea. 


Since 1990 the United States and it’s allies have attempted to convince North Korea to abandon it’s nuclear weapons program.  However, sanctions and blockades haven't worked.  They have simply made the typical North Korean's "hell on earth" far worse. 


The Agreed Framework and Six-Party Talks broke down, indicating this won’t be solved through diplomacy alone.


During the campaign, Trump promised to push Xi into condemning the Koreans. The US has tried to work with China on this but to no avail.  When you consider that in 2014 China and North Korea did $6.86 billion in trade with each other, it’s not tough to understand China's reluctance and acquiescence


If the Chinese won't help, and they won't, we must act unilaterally before it's too late.


Our country went to declared war on Iraq due to their potential nuclear threat. Turns out our sources were flawed, and no such nuclear threat existed. Yet we are passive when it comes to confronting an enemy that indoctrinates their children on a daily basis that the United States is the devil incarnate, that continually pledges to destroy us and that actually possesses nuclear bombs. 

Let that sink in.  


Some say there lies an inherent contradiction when superpowers, with some of the largest nuclear arsenals in the world, dictate to other countries that they cannot have a nuclear arsenal of their own. 


But the U.S. holds nuclear weapons to deter their use. North Korea has built them to attack us and our allies.   


Imagine a world in which Kim Jong-un acquires the means to miniaturize nuclear warheads and attach them to missiles that can reach Berkeley. At that point, it will be too late.  Kim Jong-un will have leverage, and America will be subjected to their terms as opposed to the other way around.  


Global leaders need to act decisively and by whatever means necessary to immediately halt North Korea’s nuclear development.  


We have a choice: We can either allow these perpetrators of  mass terror to acquire the means to fire nuclear missiles at our cities and towns or we can take action against them before it’s too late.  


Do what's right,  Mr. Trump.  


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