Being harassed on The Temple Mount!!

Going up to The Temple Mount, the Holiest place on earth for the Jewish people, has changed my life in many ways as I live in Jerusalem!
The first time, I went there as a tourist wanting the see what all the fuss was about this disputed place, and I actually realized something when I did.
Not only is there so much fuss about Israel, there is just as much fuss about Jerusalem, and then even more regarding the Temple Mount, which is centered right in the heart of Jerusalem.
So I am confident enough to say, this it is also the center of our world!!!
When I started going to the Temple Mount regularly, I saw very bad or you might even say very evil behavior from Muslims who were harassing Jews as they were being shown around the compound. I couldn't not believe such awful behavior was actually happening in a civilized place such as Jerusalem!
Each time I went, I started making videos of like we see many other tourists do, and then I started speaking about what I saw in my videos, and sharing it on my Facebook page called, Israel, One Nation; because the world needs to see what is going on here! We have seen many videos of Jews being harassed, or children being attacked or yelled at with intimidating gestures; and then I have seen all kinds of different things thrown at the Jews, or they are being spat on...
Yes, the list of the Muslim's reprehensible behavior just keeps going on and on! It's documented almost every day, and report on The Temple Mount Institute's web page too.
So what happened in response to my reporting? I was followed around by Muslims who photographed me and then issued threats that were sent to me for speaking about The Temple Mount..
My photos were shared on several Muslim's Facebook pages, and I was labeled as the enemy with a lot of hateful comments and even more death threats. A few days ago I was back on The Temple Mount and walking around behind a Jewish group that was so horribly harassed to the point I was literally in tears.
I filmed everything, documenting all I could for the world to observe what is truly such evil behavior. Some of the men smiled and wanted me to film them, and some girls and woman all covered in black yelled at me. I went up and got in her face while saying: "If you can scream at the Jewish people like that, I surely can film you doing it!"
The police were protecting me in the midst of this, so one of the Muslims asked me where I was from and when I replied: "Denmark," that item of knowledge was passed on to the other Muslims and they told me that they would not harass me, only the Jews. Then a couple of the Muslims men told me how there never was a first or second temple there, the Jews has no right to be there, they are violating the "Holy" place for the Muslims, and all of this rubbish.
That is what the Muslims believe and certainly have no reservation in telling that to all of the tourists coming up to there. It goes on every day, it is truly pathetic!! It is nothing but lies...
The Temple Mount is not a Holy place for them, if it was they would not be having barbeques, playing soccer, urinating all over the place and, turning it into a dumping ground for toilet seats and other filthy and disgusting things.
As I get ready to go down from the Temple Mount, I see how Muslims men and children are gathering at the exit and blocking it while again screaming "Allahu Akbar."
So, some of the guards from the Waqf come over, and as I am standing there filming, one of them tells me he wants to see my phone and my photos. He got my phone and starts going through all my photos and videos (I had amazing films of the ugly behavior the Muslims showed towards the Jews) while I am saying several times, "give me back my phone!"
Then he asked me who I am, where I am from and if I am a reporter. He then hears my comments about the behavior of the Muslims, and he says: "Are you going to delete this or am I??" I replied, "You cant do that!"
But then he said, "I am the Waqf, I can do that." I then said, "Give me my phone and I'll do this when I'm out of here."
As he is leading me out of the place, he said to me angrily: "This place is called Al Aqsa and not The Temple Mount, stop saying the Temple Mount!"
As I leave the Temple Mount, I realize that he had deleted all my photos and videos that I just had recorded... I got furious and went straight to the police and filed a complaint.
My phone is my private property, he had no right whatsoever to do that. After I filed the report, I made a video outside the Jaffa Gate Police station, where I vented my anger over what had just happened.
Little did I realize my comments would go viral on the internet, because of the intensity of this issue struck a nerve with those watching it. The trouble for him was not that I was filming what was happening, BUT that I was so strongly speaking out about it, and how evil that was.
That made me an enemy, and he did ask me, "Where were you going to post this?"
Every day, the evil behavior on the Temple Mount just increases, and recently, I happened to get caught right in the midst of the riots on Tisha B'Av when Muslims had filled the mosque with fireworks, and things to hurl at the Jews when they arrived. I was right there filming with hundreds of Muslims running back and forth. I was amazed and actually could not believe it!
It is simply just disgraceful behavior, and the world needs to see this and share this. Christians and Jews are being violated and harassed every day by Muslims on Gods mountain, and it belongs to the Jewish people!
My heart breaks when I see how the Jews are being treated every day when all they want is to visit their Holy place!
This simply can not go on!!
Jane on the Temple Mount (Courtesy)Jane on the Temple Mount (Courtesy)