When will the world listen to the cry of a Jewish mother.

My heart screams from inconsolable depths of despair and desolation as I report to the whole world about the relentless and murderous Muslim Arab terror attacks perpetrated against the men, women and children of embattled Israel.
Every day I have to tell you of the Jewish children who have had to bury their parents; of the wives who have had to say good bye to their murdered husbands, and of all the parents who have had to bury their children.
It is unbearable, yet I must tell you about it, for an uncaring and hostile world turns its back upon Jewish suffering.
To report every day about the knifings and shootings of Jewish civilians by Muslims is as if a knife is being hammered into my own heart, again and again and again.
Every day the Jewish people have to attend funerals, and the world is silent because its just another Jew being killed, and for such a world Jewish blood is cheap.
There are far too many mothers crying in Israel. Far too many broken hearts and families destroyed by grief. Far too many Jewish people who will never get to kiss that special someone any more, to touch them, or to just look into their eyes.
Far too many children will never get to celebrate their birthdays, or experience their big and wonderful wedding day with mom and dad.
No other country would ever accept that their people can be slaughtered like the Jewish people are every day in their ancestral and biblical homeland.
Why should the Jewish people keep taking this?
When will the cry of a Jewish Israeli mother be worth as much as the cry of a French mother?
What happened in Paris was horrific, but so is what happens in Israel every day. Its the same evil that kills, but the French mother gets the world’s attention and sympathy while the Jewish mother’s agony is not heard outside of Israel.
The international mainstream media ignores Jewish suffering, even as Jews are being murdered in their synagogues or hacked to death in the streets. The world remains deathly silent.
My heart is broken. It hurts, but at the same time I am extremely angry...
How do you fight an enemy that teaches their children from infancy to hate and to kill? An enemy that call themselves Palestinians, and who send their children to summer camps to learn to kill Jews.
An enemy filled with so much hate from Arab lies and propaganda that they know not what is the truth anymore. An enemy that is brain washed from birth.
Two female Muslims terrorists, one aged 14 and the other 16y stabbed an elderly man in Jerusalem. Are their parents proud, and handing out candies to their neighbors like we have seen many times before?
An tremendous evil is upon us, as always, it is the Jewish people who are the prime target.As it is written in the Passover Haggadah:
In each and every generation they rise up against us to destroy us. And the Holy One, blessed be He, rescues us from their hands.
Is it safe to take the bus or the train? Is it safe to go shopping in the market? Is it safe to go into a gas station and put gas in your car? Is it safe to enter a synagogue to pray?
These are the questions every Israeli must ask. But people continue to live like always, even without knowing where terror will strike next. The Jewish people have no choice, life goes on, even with out that special someone.
So I ask the world: What would you do in your country if this happened to you?
When would it be enough?