Israelis Not Intimidated by Global Challenges

With the virus of anti-Semitism making its way around the globe again — in particular, plaguing Europe — it’s surreal to consider the truth about Israel and the Jews.


Just one aspect of this necessary introspection is the remarkable aid given to foreign countries by the Israelis and their innovative population. Specifically, the specter of Ebola brings to the forefront Israeli efforts to combat this dreaded threat to public health.


Recently, according to Untold News, “Israel is sending three mobile Ebola treatment units to in-need countries—more than a million shekels of medical equipment, plus expert personnel. The Israel Forum for International Humanitarian Aid is already working in affected West African countries.”


A stark contrast to the efforts of say, Arab states, or even Israel’s growing critics in the U.S. and Western Europe, many of whom don’t give the Jewish state credit for its remarkable efforts to ease the suffering of other nations’ citizens. Indeed, Israel goes to extreme efforts to help during any natural disaster, or humanitarian crisis.


Gil Haskel is deputy director general of MASHAV-Israel’s Agency for International Development Cooperation of the Foreign Ministry, recently told journalists that the importance of mobile units sent to stop the spread of the Ebola virus cannot be overestimated.


Three mobile units are being prepared for shipment.

“We are constructing the units in accordance with WHO standards and preparing them to be sent out by sea,” Haskel says. “We hope they’ll be received sometime in November.”

The units, each with 10 beds, will be sent along with medical personnel who will train locals to assemble and operate them. A doctor and nurse from the Health Ministry will also be on-site to train local medical personnel to help the population learn to prevent the spread of the ghastly disease.


Also according to an item on Untold News’ Facebook page (now with almost 375,000 “likes”):


“Racing to find a cure for Ebola, scientists around the world look to Israel's CollPlant, a pioneer company that knows a lot about using tobacco plants to create antibodies like those in Zmapp.”


Marcella Rosen, founder of Untold News, rightly thinks the emerging story of Israel’s response to the Ebola scare should be more embraced by international media.


“Once again, Israel has heeded the humanitarian call, sending to West Africa specialized medical equipment and personnel to battle the Ebola epidemic.   Mobile units will help the locals prevent infection, and experts will provide techniques to battle stress caused by the trauma.  


“Israel has sent aid to over 100 countries in need — from Haiti to the US after Hurricane Sandy.”


Rosen and her team at Untold News spotlight the almost limitless stories about Israeli innovators, medical staff, and hi-tech gurus who provide astonishing improvements not only for their fellow citizens, but also the wider world.


Global challenges, seemingly mushrooming with each passing week, are being met with confidence by the Israelis.


That includes the potential catastrophe represented by the Ebola outbreaks in Western Africa.