Let's look at content in society

 I am continuously searching out content to comment on, for my blogs. Providing detailed analysis on current events is usually how I blog. What I write can cover any topic I get from the World Wide Web. I write often showing influences from my personal life here in Canada.

 The content we read or watch is what advises our daily thoughts. The topics I wish to write about affect me more now than before I first blogged. Hopefully, my blogs can help someone accomplish goals or find an ideal to strive for.

If I could have a political agenda to bring forward it would be free speech having some limitations. Free speech is good if it doesn’t violate the rights of other people. Canada has the Canadian Charter of Rights and the Criminal Code of Canada to protect rights.

The Criminal Code gets looked at in media sometimes but a consultation from the Public could be helpful. Updating laws usually happens in court, but it takes someone going to court first. We do seem safer or luckier here than in some other places at times.

There is currently a lot of discussion taking place regarding free speech on Canadian Campuses. The world should take notice of comprehensive laws affecting free speech which may influence well-being. Having safe schools and Higher Learning centers is a wish for many Americans right now. We must look at what can protect our young people worldwide.

Pulling away from faith or belief is common for those who become involved in anti-Semitism or racial hatred. Sickness affects bodies when the mind is that way. Haters sometimes find out they are wrong when meeting the people they were previously against.

It takes whole communities that are affected by hate to make someone comfortable with those traits. That is not so common nowadays so they become private with their thoughts. This may be until networked anonymously online, or in gatherings such as the Charlottesville atrocity.

This could be similar to the conflicts between Palestinians and Israeli’s because Hatred has similarities. Those who attack Jews with violence are no different than the Selma attackers featured in a popular Hollywood movie.

I have seen members of a major hostile site watch family turn away from them as they kept to their beliefs. It isn’t natural to detest others when you sometimes look at art, listen to modern music, or watch current Hollywood movies.

I watch many movies but if I like one it may become a most watched film. Turning loved ones towards good things in life is common among families usually. I watched one family mislead everyone else because the family accepted a core vile person.

Hate is an epidemic now while communities watch news online with personal opinions being provided on news from real journalists.  I am an opinion blogger but each post gets reviewed by a professional editor to be published on JPost.

Being on JPost makes me feel that I am part of Journalism though I mostly provide insightful commentary. Nobody can have the perfect opinion but expert opinions are out there which means they do research.

If bloggers wish to pick it up a notch then read, read, read then write, write, write. It is good advice which comes from real writers who don’t put everything out there from a personal slant. I love being followed and it takes work to be a followed blogger especially on JPost.