My blogging has direct purpose

 You may never see me write the most significant article on J Post, but I would like to continue working on citizen blogging. I have held an interest in blogging since first hearing about it in 2009 though not connecting it to that Facebook Myspace etc. or other social media are similar. You can find me here or on my own blog which can be found mentioned in other articles I have here on Jerusalem Post.

I think of citizen blogging as being like shortwave radio for spreading messages which can save lives or connect with the world. I looked into short wave radio because of my interest in the side of the allies during World War two. Many people have a healthy interest in seeing good topics which cover the right side of dealing with race culture or anti-Semitic topics. By the right side I mean not caving into dark energies which go against humanity.

Recently I have been watching Netflix YouTube and looking at topics which draw me to believe there are too many global conflicts right now that jeopardized the world’s many citizens. Drugs, human trafficking, and culturally divisive issues have drawn us into world conflicts which can make it look as though we are looking at Armageddon types of violence.

NATO and allegiances which are being renewed by the Trump administration I believe are not only necessary but hopeful of a safe future. I didn’t like how the previous administration turned against its long term ally Israel. That is behind us obviously by the Trump Pence movements in Justice for many.

Finding hope in Trump speeches on Terror immigration economics etc. gives me a sense of optimism which wasn’t there in quite some time. Before Trump began those speeches I had to look back to Winston Churchill Nelson Mandela or MLK for inspirational speeches staying away from the more recent speech makers from metaphysical or spiritual themes. I believe a good President shows spiritual qualities by standing on his own soil protecting freedom from all adversaries.

Defending other human states such as Israel can give us our sense of Justice back since the return of racist violence. I believe Trump can put some of these conflicts to rest sooner than later. Taking part in building safe societies is a good mention to have in one’s humanitarian resume.

You can’t fault the Trump administration for taking on the enemies of God re-entrusting Israel as the safe keeper of the Holy Land. Please don’t doubt the Trump administration’s well thought out and prepared responses to global terror. The end of humanity won’t come during my time though challenges are there for sure. To all visitors of this page of mine Shalom.