The Holy Land is for sharing between Jews and Christians

 Many people from all races, cultures, political beliefs or geographic location face a cross roads in life. I have come to many of those in life, as you may have as well. I like facing the music myself without regard to past issues. Being interested in the Conservative sort of topics like I am leads me down the seeking a stable middle ground path.
Lately, I have been interested in returning to organized religion which to me is Christian, the more secular side of it or evangelical form. I also hold an interest in Judaism which could be hard to convert to without speaking to a rabbi - lol. Is it all in my head and I say, yes it is, if I don’t take steps.
Judaism is based upon many teachings and a few books which are the text which is followed daily by Jews. I have read more than I forget in life despite not having much time available. You may not know that I am mostly educated since about my thirties, considering that I rebelled in school.
My daughter is more than a trend of mine that I take seriously as she grows and develops into a bigger girl. I would convert or return to organized religion for myself which I believe my family would benefit from. Responsibility is something I have always felt though I could be erratic in how I tried to accomplish this. 
I have looked at religion for a long time seeking answers then turning away, feeling like I didn’t belong anywhere. Turning away from God isn’t what happened despite not attending Church. I felt I was spiritual seeking answers from many books, not necessarily from the same faith.
On my mind is often the quotes, “Never impose on others what you would not choose for yourself” (Confucius). It simply means belief, summed up into one sentence or phrase. It really means deeds of loving kindness or something like. Do unto others what you would wish would be done unto you.
Jesus was a Jew and so was the Apostles, followed by Christians around the world especially during the holy holidays and some of the more Catholic holidays. I grew up Catholic but turned away from that mostly over the years for my own reasons.
With my blogging, I would like to make amends with the whole world for what I have not been able to achieve for others. I would like to further challenge antisemitism or race issues. I would like to advise politicians on how to be brave during a climate of racial tensions ,which Canadians are now beginning to see. 
Acts of terror come from hostility towards others for unfounded reasons which escalate unimpeded because of negative public opinion. The bottom line for me is antisemitism, which I don’t understand and which is a form of living disease. 
You can wish hope, belief, affirmation etc. but you need others in this world of ours. Causing isolation in others through negative means draws in negative energy. I don’t feel I can repel negative energy though sometimes when I think of it I can cause good energy to take place by my own good actions.
Bravery has a time and place in everyone’s life, especially those who serve others in official capacity. I don’t wish to see harm on elected officials or first responders of any NATO country or Israel itself. The rising movements which go against Israel are plentiful in Europe and North America.