This was a safe American Thanksgiving

 We have had some nice days of peace for the last few weeks in North America with less disturbing news. I like to check the CBC NBC and CNN as often as every few days for updates on the world scene. You can find on there in headlines if we have been spared from mental health influenced attacks on Jews American’s European’s and schools etc.
I love watching movies which display brave acts in history or fictional if well depicted. Some favorite movies are available on Netflix for me to make use of my membership. You can find yourself losing interest in social media conspiracies or issues which you can’t resolve by simply enjoying more entertainment.
A special soul is required to read all the news which comes at us nowadays when you think of the return of Fascist groups. I like to read about arrests of mean people in society who just don’t belong among us. Somethings, I am not are anti government, Anti-Semitic or Islam phobic.
You can find that I would like to attend any political speech which includes consultation or at least appreciation of others contributions. At this time I would like to support politicians that are elected that do their jobs whether they are in the majority or the minority. That is properly representing the voters that elected them.
Disappointing voters is likely among most politicians at some time in their careers considering that isn’t always possible to address issues not in their portfolios. Right now Rachel Notley is travelling Canada promoting pipelines despite while there are social media attacks saying she killed the pipeline deals. False information is available on politicians in many places if we aren’t careful about the news sources we subscribe to.
I firmly believe that most people protesting politicians work or politicians do not know what they are against. They are simply misinformed or misaligned in life such as subscribing to wrong topics online. I have looked into what I subscribe to online and found that I was seeing so much political conspiracies or terrible topics.
After reducing my interest in political topics I found that most people are not mentioning politics but faith can be something to discuss as long as you don’t get too involved in specifics. Celebrating God is better in public if it is non-denominational unless it is a special day for a particular religion or culture.
As I said earlier we have had a few good days getting through American Thanksgiving really well. I wish you all a good day and good travels. If you have New Year’s plans this year include safety in your ideas for fun times. Look for the best in others while doing your very best in public as well.