Write Well or Write Nice

 As bloggers, let’s start writing spy and war novels together. Romance wouldn’t be bad either if it lightens up our current attitudes. We speak about faith or religious observance in the news often. We talk about politics and culture without failing to mention the UN when we do. Did you notice me switch from entertainment to opinion blogging?  I would like to open discussion on a good topic if possible.

Spies are out there and many war heroes around the world are still alive. There are a lot of conflicts which don’t get resolved through peaceful means. Romantic figures in the news are still wonderful to hear about without attempts by some to take them down.

I don’t believe that much in political conspiracies despite feeling JFK’s assassination was figured out long ago. WWII heroes are mostly gone now but live on in memories, movies, and days for heroes. The faith discussions in media don’t usually include my beliefs because none of my kindred spirits are at war against anyone. Let’s talk about good writing in schools that encourage youth and adult learners.

Most presidents of the US get libraries named after them, or they build one themselves. I love libraries though I can't spend enough time in mine researching various topics. I’m interested in many things such as cooking, blogging, and social media plus movies that I mostly watch on Netflix. I buy some DVDs every now and again, and they are usually spy or war genre. My interests tell me a lot about myself and this sometimes comes out in my writing.

Technology topics in my life switched from talking about muscle cars and pick-ups to computers and software. The top blogs may be about blogging itself or entertainers, but I don’t like any form of blogging that rips others apart. I don’t like religious topics which openly discriminate against other people. I am not into Islamophobia, but will only work so hard because of anti-Semitism not being addressed.

Rights and discrimination are favorite topics of mine which I will address myself when my writing takes me there. I am an opinion blogger with an interest in making others happy. Sometimes I see attacks on character in blogging, but not on JPost.

The main topic I would like to address, without being involved in political parties, would be freedom of speech. There could be other freedoms I would like to take a look at as well. I don’t believe someone should be able to speak out too strongly against others without personal cause. It’s like freedom of speech with limitations. Likewise, as an opinion blogger, I personally censor myself a bit before submitting my posts.