Diaspora Jews voting in Israeli elections?

 You can read more of my articles there. Diaspora Jews Voting in Israeli Elections? Every once in a while, and getting more frequent, there's talk of allowing all Jews, no matter where they live, to have the right to vote in Israeli Elections.
I've even read that Prime Minister Bibi Netanyahu likes the idea. In all honesty I think it stinks. And that is the most polite way I can describe how I feel. I take the right to vote very seriously. That's why I don't vote in American elections, even though I have full legal rights to do so.
I don't live in the United States, nor do I get anything from it, besides the right to a passport, which isn't free. But if I really find myself having to fill out American Income Tax forms, paying an accountant to do it for us or even worse being taxed by the Americans I may change my mind. And that's only because of that famous slogan and rallying cry: No taxation without representation! If the American Government thinks it can tax me without my voicing an opinion, they're wrong. I think that many more expat Americans will make an effort to vote if our foreign income becomes their business.
Please remember that I was born and raised in New York to New York born parents. But my husband and I left for Israel in the summer of 1970, and since then we are Israelis. And although we are of retirement age, we do not get Social Security, because we didn't work long enough in America.
But this is about Jews from all over the world voting in my elections, Israeli Elections. Just because someone is or claims to be Jewish doesn't give him/her the right to chose the Government, the Knesset Members in the State of Israel! I will give you two very simple reasons why it's a totally fokokt idea:
• Who is a Jew? Defining Jew by Jewish Law, Hitler's definition or culinary likes? Do you have any better or more creative way?
• In Israel there are so many political parties and issues, it's hard enough for us Israeli newshounds and political pundits to choose the best party, how would some self-proclaimed Jew in India, Moscow, Peru or even in New Jersey have a clue?
At present there isn't even a way for tax-paying, IDF serving Israelis out of the country to vote. At present for a returning or visiting Israeli to get coverage in the Israeli health system, he/she must first pay back money owed to the system. If someone isn't "Israeli enough" to get care from the Kupat Cholim (sick fund) of his/her choice, then why let that person vote in Knesset Elections?
I think that only Israelis who are paid up should get absentee voting rights. Voting for Israeli Elections should only be for those who live here and those who pay all taxes as if they lived here. Our issues are too serious to be put in the hands of those who have nothing to lose.
This post was first published on my private blog, Shiloh Musings, Diaspora Jews Voting in Israeli Elections? http://shilohmusings.blogspot.co.il/2015/05/diaspora-jews-voting-in-israeli.html