Obama will be PA’s Valentine

I hate the Hallmark-created, disingenuous Valentine’s Day because it reminds me of a certain girl. No, it’s not what you think. Heck, I don’t even believe in celebrating Valentine’s Day. 
My girlfriend at the time is not the focus of this story. The malicious maiden in question was a meddling marauder disguised as a “friend” looking out for my best interest.  She claimed to have spoken to my actual girlfriend who related to her how disappointed she was that I hadn’t marked Valentine’s Day with not even a card, let alone a present. I insisted that my girlfriend and I had just the night before discussed how we both did not believe in Jews celebrating Valentine’s Day. I added that I had spoken to my girlfriend about 20 minutes earlier and she sounded as happy as can be (and trust me if she had been upset with me, I would have known it).
This information did nothing to dissuade the conniving caller. She proceeded to tell me how and why I was not good enough for my girlfriend and that I should expect to be dumped sometime in the near future.
It turned out that she had fabricated the whole girl-talk nonsense and what really worried me was not possibly “getting dumped” but more ominously, what was her motive for lying to me. I know she didn’t “like” me and I couldn’t think of anything one of us might have done to cause her to be so upset with us that she wanted to break us up.
 And then, like Cupid’s Arrow nailing me right in the behind, it came to me. Simply put, there are people in this world who thrive on creating chaos and fear. It was a simple yet sobering lesson.
Numerous (unrecognized) Valentine’s Days and girlfriends (ha!) later I found myself reading the paper, disturbed once again.
Last Friday’s Jerusalem Post had a feature outlining President Obama’s re-election campaign for the Jewish community in Florida. Quoted in the article is Shelly Siegel, a woman who has appointed herself Obama’s Jewish neighborhood team leader in Boynton Beach. She told the Post that she deals with the ‘Obama and Israel’ issue frequently and she simply “tells people, ‘don’t listen to the neighbors, don’t listen to the Rabbi, read for yourself.’”
So, taking Ms. Siegel’s advice, let us read, shall we?
On Monday, I read that President Barak Obama unveiled his 2013 budget. Included in the budget was funding for the Palestinian Authority  at the same level as the past year.
I also recently read that the Palestinian Authorities had decided to enter into a treaty with Hamas, a terrorist organization in every sense of the word. In fact, I read on Tuesday that Hamas Prime Minster Ismail Haniyeh referred to Israel as a “cancer that’s threatening to spread.”
Nonetheless, Obama, either due to naivety or malicious intent, has ignored this unholy alliance and extended Uncle Sam’s coffers like Halloween candy…or…Valentine’s Day chocolate, if you will.
If you are a LITERATE human being who cares at all for the safety of the Western world you cannot consider voting for Barak Obama in the next election. Notice I mention the Western world and not Israel. That is because Obama’s treatment of Israel, while extremely alarming, is indicative of a much more far-reaching problem.
President Obama refuses to accept or intentionally ignores the fact that there are people in this world who thrive on creating chaos and fear. Hamas, AS WELL AS the PA, are this sort of organization. A lesson I learned from a 16 year old girl has somehow been lost on the leader of the free world.
The responsibility falls on each and every one of us to ensure that Obama does not get another four years to endanger our lives and the lives of our children.
While numbers indicate a drop in Democratic support in Florida among Jews, experts note that even if the Jews “realize what an awful president Obama has been…they get to Election Day and they vote Democrat.”
I sincerely hope that this time around this will not be the case or else someone needs to get me the phone number to the Oval Office. I know a nasty little girl that the President needs to speak to right away.