Radio feud: Mark Levin vs. Thomas Friedman

With the current standard gridlock in Jerusalem and the regular logjam at the Bar-Ilan/Bnei Brak interchange, I spend a lot of time on buses. Due to these countless hours on the road, not to mention my anti-social tendency to walk around with headphones in my ears, Jewish American syndicated radio host “The Great One” Mark Levin has become my best friend in Israel…and he lives in Virginia! Now, after his public feud with Jewish New York Times Columnist Thomas Friedman, I would venture to say that Mark Levin is not just my best friend in Israel, but one of Israel’s best friends in America.
It takes a person with the simple clarity with which Levin speaks to point out the absurdity of Friedman’s latest assessment of the Israeli government. On the ‘Don Imus Radio Show,’ Friedman repeated the regular anti-Israel drivel that he had spouted earlier on the ‘Charlie Rose Show.’ He then went further, exposing just how irrational his hate for Israel really is. He asserted that the Israeli government is “brain dead and completely, I would say, indifferent to the situation they’re in right now.”
Now I would have chosen to point out that while many things can be said about Bibi Netanyahu, being “indifferent” is not one of them. I would illustrate Bibi’s unbelievable courage, standing up to President Obama on his turf, and in front of his unfalteringly loyal media pool, without even breaking a sweat, to stand up for what is best for his people. He has taken the unpopular domestic stance of freezing settlement construction, as well as the unpopular international stance of supporting Jewish construction in Jerusalem. He has risked life and limb, as a captain in Sayeret Matkal. He has made me feel more proud to be an Israeli than anyone else in a very long time. Thomas Friedman lives on a gigantic estate in Bethesda, Maryland. I would have pointed all of this out as a response to Friedman’s malicious labels. Mark Levin chose to compared him to human waste instead. Tomato, tomahto.
The real point, aside from the fact, in my opinion, that Thomas Friedman is a joke, is that we are given two archetypes of American Jews and their viewpoint on Israel. While the American Jewish connection to Israel has become somewhat more complicated in recent history (read: J Street), one is still more or less, as Daniel Gordis recently put it, in the tent or out of it (and not the Tel-Aviv protest kind). Thomas Friedman is the epitome of the Jew who does immeasurable damage to his own people. He strives to be accepted by his peers in the liberal media, throwing away his heritage and the people he is eternally linked to, whether he likes it or not. A Jew perpetuating baseless hate for Israel is the anti-Zionist’s most lethal weapon, and Mr. Friedman is, I argue, one of their most efficient arms dealers. Mr. Levin, on the other hand, has the courage to speak the truth about Israel and the Jews.
If you are a Jew in America and are reading this, I implore you to adopt Mr. Levin’s bravery and honesty. If you are in Israel reading this, the message is the same. The very near future of Israel is in our hands and we must build up our resolve against what will surely be a slew of law-fare, slander, and blatant lies on the horizon from our enemies. Choose to be a Levin, and Israel will be that much stronger. Choose to be a Friedman, and the self-hate will destabilize the very foundation of the State of Israel and the Jewish people. In the words of “The Great One” himself, “That’s right I said it! And it’s exactly right!”