Egypt: Divided we fall

A general view of anti-Mursi protesters gathering at Tahrir Square in Cairo November 27, 2012
Photo: Reuters
The main motivational belief that drives all the members and supporters of the Islamic groups like the Muslim Brotherhood and the Salafists is that Allah (swt) is on their side. They all believe that the Arab spring was the reward from God for their patience and struggle over the years. After dominating the power now they feel and act invincible against the whole world. This is why Hamas had no problem escalating the conflict with Israel by firing at Tel Aviv and Jerusalem.
After the ceasefire agreement I believe that Mursi and his brotherhood felt that they are more popular, stronger and that my Egypt will follow Mursi in anything he does or says! So on Thursday the 22nd Mursi issued a decree, which sacked the state prosecutor and demanded new trials of officials involved in the 2011 protester killings. These 2 issues were demanded by the people for months now, but the agonizing shock was that Mursi awarded himself absolute powers with the protection of all his presidential decisions from any judicial review or accountability. Sadly I was right when I predicted in my last article that the MB is just creating a dictator who will only serve them and serve their greed for power.
This dictatorial act cut my Egypt into a conflicting half to a very dangerous extent. Since Thursday`s decree a rain of catastrophic events happened all over the country, we are literally at the verge of a civil war. There are reports of violent clashes in more than 15 cities between the MB supporters and the angry protesters while the police stands in the middle doing nothing but firing tear gas and rubber bullets only at the protesters. These ongoing clashes have so far resulted in many injuries and deaths of innocent, bright young men who refused the oppression and screamed for liberty.
Egypt’s benchmark EGX30 stock index dropped by 9.59 % points Sunday in the first trading session since Mursi issued his decrees. The loss in the value of shares was estimated at close to 5 billion US Dollars. 
Six more members of the Constituent Assembly withdrew from the body since the decree, bringing the total number of resigned original and reserve members to 29 so far out of 100 members. This assembly is supposed to be working on Egypt`s new constitution.  Add to this three of Mursi`s advisers resigning as an act of objection to his decree. 
Last Saturday the judges of Egypt made a press conference announcing their objection and they called to suspend all works related to the justice system such as courts and prosecution offices. So Mursi held crisis talks with members of the Supreme Judicial Council on the following Monday. The presidential spokesman announced that the council had proposed to limit the scope of decisions that would be immune from judicial review to "sovereign matters" such as national security. So this was the only compromise that Mursi gave after this meeting, but so far more than 80% of all courts and prosecution offices are suspended until Mursi cancels the decree.   
An economy that loses more money everyday, young brave men dying in the streets, a justice system that feels no justice, multiple resignations from Mursi`s office, chaos and violence all over the country.
So my question to president Mursi is as follows: What else should happen to this country that will make you change your dictatorial mind?
I think the only answer to my question is a second REVOLUTION.