London 9/11 Protests: Islamists to the Left of me, Neo-Nazis to the Right...

Watching Muslims Against Crusades screaming "Burn, Burn, USA" while grieving relatives of those who lost their lives in the September 11 attacks was a frightening Sunday afternoon. While I took notes and photos, Anjem Choudary warned of further attacks to my Left, while EDL football hooligans - a neo-Nazi mob - started fights, drank heavily and screamed to my right.
The EDL showed up early, but got tired quite quickly:
Then Muslims Against Crusades (MAC) goose-stepped up:

The MAC mob screamed ''Burn, Burn, USA'' and then set an American flag alight. Speakers, including Anjem Choudary (below) warned of further attacks if the West does not agree to the demands of MAC and to the submission of MAC''s interpretation of Islam.

Radical Islamists are certainly evil; but they''re not always that smart.

An hour later, the problem still hadn''t be solved.

Four hours later, I was becoming definitely concerned. Surely during that entire time, one of his comrades would have said something? Or surely, as a placard holder, you would have, at least once, glanced at the placard you had been wielding for a half a day?

Local Feminists showed concern at the gender segregation evident at the MAC protest.

Contrastingly, the EDL were praised for their wheelchair accessible protest, but at the same time, were castigated for being violent, drunk, disgusting neo-Nazi football hooligans.

These were the only decent people, and because MAC had promised (and succeeded) in causing as much noise as possible during the silence for the 9/11 victims, these guys had the right idea:

Finally, here''s a taster of the delightful sounds of a Muslims Against Crusades world:


You can see all the photos here