As occasionally happens, one day last week I found myself trailing behind my husband as he undertook several missions involving the purchase of equipment connected with repairs to the house and improvements in the garden.
Thus it was that I found myself looking around in an admittedly bored fashion as my OH (Other Half) interested himself in what to him is the fascinating world of garden tools, insecticides, and drain cleaners.
It was then that the above picture caught my eye, and while I apologise for the poor quality of the photograph, which was taken in a state of acute agitation on my part, I think the message it conveys is clear enough.
For non-Hebrew readers I’ll give the gist of the text accompanying the very graphic picture of a young woman with tape stuck over her mouth.
On the part that covers her mouth it says: ‘When you have to block something immediately!’ Next to it, in bigger letters, we read: ‘Rescue Tape; A Silicon Tape for Immediate Emergency Sealing!’ Additional slogans read: ‘Essential in every house and car!’ and the additional – and much smaller pictures – show where the tape might be used in less dramatic circumstances.
In as moderate terms as I could muster I pointed out to the owner of the shop that this was a highly inappropriate image to be displaying in his store. He replied with some mealy-mouthed explanation about the company providing the stand for displaying their wares, which comes complete with said image. I whipped out my iphone and took the photo, then walked out without saying another word for fear of embarrassing myself and annoying my OH, but my anger and resentment found full expression when we were alone in the car.
As for the company concerned, Rescue Tape, I for one will NEVER use that product, and I hope that anyone who reads this or comes across that vile image will follow suit.
We live in a society where incidents of husbands murdering their womenfolk, are not uncommon. The full extent of domestic violence in Israel is not known, but the places of refuge for battered women are full to overflowing. Male violence vis-à-vis women is commonplace throughout the Middle East, and not only there.
Proudly displaying images such as these is tantamount to incitement to violence and should be made a criminal offence.