Have you thanked Ms. Johansson yet?


I have, in this mail to her publicist''s assistant:


I understand you will be passing on to Ms. Johansson the mail congratulating her for the decision she took over the Oxfam scandal in which a supposed human rights group ignored the human rights and economic opportunitie, as well as the framework of a healthy coexistence between peoples too long at odds at each other.
Please include mine.
I am sure Ms. Johansson is quite busy and also that many of these congratulatory messages are pouring in (as well as the nasty stuff).
But I do want to make one point, hinged on her use of a ''democratic Palestine''.
Fifty years after the founding of the Palestine Liberation Organization in early 1964, which initiated terror attacks against Israeli citizens, in a period when there was no "occupation" nor had any "settlements" been constructed in Judea and Samaria (aka the ''West Bank'', a term created by the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan which was illegally occupying the territory and then annexed the area, thereby quashing any hopes of local Arabs for independence), forty-four years after the infamous ''three Arab noes'' of 1968 at Khartoum, thirty-seven years after the idea of autonomy was offered and twenty years since the Oslo Accords were adoped, the Arabs indigenous to this area are still unwilling to make peace, are not living a democratic society and seem not to mind.
Moreover, through official support from the coffers of the Palestinian Authority, propped up by monies from the EU and many ''human rights'' groups and charities such as Oxfam, incitement, brain-washing and worse is being done which not only politically stains a possible peace with Israel but engages in religious intolerism, racism and anti-Semitism.
For Ms. Johansson''s contribution to permit the ability and chance to highlight this aspect of the conflict, I thank her.
Have you thanked her?