is this an Al-Durah repeat?


Again, Arab youths killed while violently demonstrating.


And again, a clip goes viral.


Is this a case of another Al-Durah-style clip?
Already, Robert Mackey of TheLede blog at the New York Times has the video up.
He picked it up from EI (Electronic Intifada), here.
Here it is and since I first saw it, almost 4000 more entries in less than 2.5 hours.

My immediate first viewing observation:
The interviewee says the boys were moving back, which is true for the most part, but the first one who seems to have been hit was definitely moving forward.  And, oddly, he falls forward, places both his hands down which is a position one wouldn''t expect for someone getting shot from in front.
I then asked myself: how did this clip reach the Pals. (from the building owner or was it purposefully set up there for the "performance"?) and what was the full version before editing?
I passed it around to friends and received these comments:
Early impressions:1. The 2 were not "boys," but young men involved in violent demonstrations.  By one account, one guy was 20.2. 1st shot man one took place at exact location of sling-shotter in earlier pic. 3. Some 30 shibab poured out of the shadows after he was shot. They weren''t innocent bystanders, but part of demonstration. 4. In case 2, 4 cameras instantly show up at scene, not by accident. 
Looks odd that one victim put arms to ground as he fell. Seen other videos of people getting shot and their legs buckle beneath them and they crumple straight down. 
Anyone see any blood? The cameras that arrive on the scene should have a ton of blood especially from chest and back wounds. These lions are very brave to run out into live fire so quickly to give aid.
I would also add, that it is curious that none of the people who ran to attend to the wounded seem at all concerned that there would be more shooting.  If it really was the IDF looking for an excuse to kill innocent bystanders, all of those that ran to aid the wounded would have been ideal targets, and should have at least felt vulnerable.
There were some other comments at the YouTube site.
One questioning:
It looks staged, at the end camera crews came running up, a little shady.
One looking for balance:
Assad slaughters dozens of innocent Arab children on a weekly basis and there is literally not a peep from most of those showing such "anger" over these Palestinian deaths
And then these:
Go die you zionist c_ _ _ _.
Poor Palestinians may god be with them and free them from the Zionist 
all thanks to f*cking US goverment for providing money and weapons to zionists.
Israel needs to become a pariah already.
Filthy IDF Zionist savages
The Israelis are the ultimate terrorists and scum of the earth.
The Jews are Lucifer''s children and the enemy to humanity.
What do you think?
Or is this another Al-Durah?