Theater of the really really absurd


The Khan Theater in Jerusalem is no stranger to controversial provocativity and notoriety.  Motti Lerner, too often an outrageous playwright, set the ton 30 years ago.

Many radical plays have been presented and now, in early July, the theater crew will be, in a sense, resurrecting Rachel Corrie.


Just caught this (thanks to AK):

The Khan Theatre, sponsored by the Ministry of Culture and Sport (Minister Limor Livnat) and the Jerusalem Municipality (Mayor Nir Barkat), will be presenting  They Call Me Rachel Corrie.  The far-out left informs us that it will be shown in Jaffa, too.  Sivan Kretchner will speak the monologue text.
Is this really officially backed ?
Let''s recall that her death was used to batter Israel, unfairly.
Lenny Ben-David is not sure Israel was the sole bearer of the responsibility for her death, even if indirect and even completely guiltless.
He wrote:
There may be other culprits lurking...We’re all shocked by the horrifying pictures of Corrie lying on the ground, broken and bleeding. But has anyone ever asked what kind of ghoul would snap pictures rather than rush to her aid or run to get help?
    Numerous pictures of Corrie standing defiantly in front of an Israeli bulldozer appeared in the media, but upon investigation it transpired that not a single one was from the incident that killed her. Some were taken hours before the fatal incident with a different bulldozer; others were sloppy photoshopped forgeries. Why were there photos after she was injured and not before?
    Corrie was not the only member of the International Solidarity Movement (ISM) who was nearly crushed beneath the bulldozer’s maw that day. Indeed, at least two – “Will and Jenny” – were pulled away by their colleagues at the last second.
    Immediately after Corrie’s death, several leaders of ISM were interviewed. They didn’t express horror or even sorrow. They spoke of peace soldiers’ sacrifices in battle and the PR benefits of an American woman dying at hands of Israel’s army.
Be that as it may, I am nonplussed as to why, of all the plays around, this is being presented with money from the taxpayer.
Maybe the Mayor''s media advisors or of Limor Livant have an adequate answer?