Who is profiting from 'price tag'

 As we''ve been informed


On Monday overnight, unknown assailants punctured the tires of some 28 vehicles in Abu Ghosh on the outskirts of Jerusalem and sprayed "Arabs Go Home" on the walls of the village.


And right-wing politicans have to apologize, condemn and explain.  It''s de rigeur.  


In the past, we''ve pleaded with the police and other asecurity authorities to put an end to this phenomenon which, as we know has not at all been proven to be the work of Yesha residents exclusively.  In fact, all the Rabbis arrested as "inciters" never even were charged and surely there have been no trials.


To my perception, someone should be doing graphology tests as these daubings all seem basically the same to me.

This is from April 7 this year:



and this is from June 12, 2011:



And this from February 20, 2012



and so on.

Arabs, Beduin, mosques, etc.  This is bad.

It''s a problem for the state and the state should be doing more.


But who is really profiting from all this?

That is a question that needs deliberating.

It is not the 360,000 Jewish residents of Judea and Samaria.


But we need to be in the forefront of eliminating the activity which is criminal racist and dangerous in addition to being immoral and political harmful to our enterprise.