Will the US trust Israel more now?


This paper is now reporting:


''Wall Street Journal'' reports buffer zone, that would cost $50 million a day, would stretch 25 miles into Syria, and be used to train rebels, protect refugees; Free Syrian Army to ask US for anti-tank, anti-aircraft missiles.
As a part of its proposal to provide military aid to the Syrian rebels, the United States is studying setting up a limited no-fly zone in Syria close to the southern border with Jordan in order to protect Syrian refugees and rebel forces training in the area, two senior Western diplomats in Turkey said on Friday.
And at this paper, we can also read
US President Barack Obama has decided to directly arm the rebels "to strengthen their effectiveness," the White House said. The new aid will be "military" in nature, but was not detailed.
Well, now that the US has finally learned that Israeli intelligence is reliable and on the mark, will they finally learn to trust us on Iran?