How thick is Magen David's blood?


Let me remind you what this newspaper reported back in August:

MDA: Red Star of David logo to remain on W. Bank ambulances

The details:

Magen David Adom defended itself Tuesday against accusations by settlers that it had politicized medical service by removing its classic logo of the Red Star of David from ambulances servicing Israelis living in Judea and Samaria...Council head Dani Dayan charged that MDA had caved to a demand by the International Committee of the Red Cross in a 2005 agreement not to use the Red Star logo in regions beyond the pre-1967 border.  “It is quite clear that the reason is political,” said Dayan.
...MDA spokesman Zaki Heller rejected Dayan’s claims. He said that in order to join the ICRC Israel had agreed in 2005 not to use its classic logo when operating outside of Israel. Instead, MDA agreed to place the star inside a red diamond.  But, Heller said, MDA continues to use the classic Red Star logo on its ambulances housed in 12 places across the West Bank.  MDA has no intention of changing this policy, he said.  What did occur, in a nod to the ICRC, is that MDA decided not to place its classic Red Star of David logo on ambulances that were owned by individual communities and only jointly operated with MDA, Heller said.
Did you believe Heller?
Well, have you read this paper''s report today?  Here:
A senior official in the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) confirmed Wednesday morning that Magen David Adom removed the "Magen David" symbol from the ambulances it operates in the West Bank to comply with an agreement with the Palestinian Red Crescent...Per Stanbeck, told Army Radio that when Magen David Adom joined the ICRC, it was required to cease operating in the West Bank. Because it cannot operate in the territories, "[they] are outsourcing the ambulances" to local authorities, he said.
Chairman of the Judea and Samaria Council of Settlements Dani Dayan responded with harsh criticism over the news, saying that while Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu is fighting over details with the Palestinians in Amman, "[Magen David Adom] already recognized a Palestinian state on 1967 borders," speaking with Army Radio.


Would this be considered as apartheid?

Or is it that someone''s blood is not quite as thick as it should be?

I had suggested at the beginning of December here that donors to Magen David Adom consider withdrawing financial support from it due to its capitulation to those demands of the PA and IRC.  Our Jewish symbolic star should be just as thick as our commitment to mutual responsibility.