Likud targeted by sharp political advert

Political activity on my side of the Green Line is no less fractured than in pre-67 lined Israel. There are the elected Councils (Municipal, Local and regional), there is the Yesha Council, there are the ‘hilltop youth’, the Yesha Rabbis’ Committee, individuals and also Action Committees, in addition to party political activists from the Likud, Shas, Labour, Agudat Yisrael, Yisrael Beiteinu, etc.
The Benyamin Region Residents Action Committee has published tody a sharp political advert against Likud Ministers as a result of their inability - or unwillingness - to protect the Migron community which suffered the destruction of three houses last Sunday, this in addition to their ongoing web banner campaign against IDF officers (all in Hebrew).
Here''s the advert:
The translation of the first and bottom lines is:
My House, My Way - The Likud, That''s Correct
And the heads that appear photoshopped onto the bodies of the police are (left to right, first picture) of Benny Begin, Limor Livnat, Bogie Yaalon and Bibi Netanyahu  and in the bottom picture, you can see the heads of (l-r) Yisrael Katz and Gideon Sa''ar.
The Action Committee is headed by Yitzhak Shedmi from Neveh Tzuf and the operations coordinator is Shai Karov.
My sources indicate a major push-back that will be felt by Likud senior politicos from the thousands of registered Likud party members that have joined over the past three years, organized by my neighbors Shevach Shtern and Natan Engelsman.
With September 20 beginning to loom (“Settler security chief: September infiltrators will be shot”), it seems matters are looking a bit more serious than last week.