Peace is a Pal. responsibility

Dear Pals.,
This egg represents your responsibility:
You refuse, and have done so since time immemorial, to recognize Jewish national rights.
You weren''t satisfied with the first territorial compromise in 1922, when the British Mandate power, suspended the right of Jews to “close settlement” in Trans Jordan which was part of the original area of the Jewish National Home.
You weren''t satisfied with a proposal for an Arab Agency in 1923.
You didn''t want the 1937 partition proposal.
You rejected the St. James Conference in 1939.
You engaged in terror from the beginning, in Jerusalem in 1921, in Jaffa and Petach Tiqva in 1921, in 1929 and during 1936-1939.
You practiced ethnic cleansing at Hebron, Shchem, Jenin, Gaza, Jerusalem, Atarot, Neveh Yaakov, Bet Haaravah, Gush Etzion and other locations from where Jews, many centuries resident in their homes, were violently removed.
You rejected the UN Partition recommendation of November 29, 1947.
You launched an aggressive war the next day and maintained it ever since.
You infiltrated across Israel''s borders as fedayeen between 1949-1956 and then founded the PLO and Fatah in 1964, all before any post-67 “occupation”.  You never renounced the use of terror against civilians.
You refused the Autonomy proposal of Camp David 1977.
You violated the 1993 Oslo Accords and launched suicide-bomber attacks in our malls, restaurants and on our buses.
You backed out of the Clinton parameters of 2000-01.
You walked away from Ehud Olmert.
You received Gaza in 2005.
You are losers.
You broke this “egg”.