Pillar shakey, vision cloudy


I posted here at the start of this latest confrontation with Hamas on my anxiety over the ability of our political leadership to carry us through.


I wrote about cloudy vision as a threat.


Well, here is the cease-fire, excuse me, truce agreement: 


After reading the above, and listening to the press conference just conducted, my conclusion is that Israel''s government, with Benjamin Netanyahu at it head, is not the pillar of support the people of Israel deserve.
As Jonathan D. Halevi is a senior researcher of the Middle East and radical Islam at the Jerusalem Center for Public Affair observes
...Egypt is now Islamist and led by the Muslim Brotherhood movement, the parent-movement of Hamas...Hamas [is] a strategic partner in the struggle against Israel...Hamas views Israel as floundering in growing strategic distress...Hamas views each round of armed conflict with Israel as a stage in a long-term war of attrition...Hamas is coming out stronger from this round of conflict with Israel. With its rocket fire on Tel Aviv and Jerusalem, Hamas enjoys wall-to-wall backing in the Arab world. The financial aid that will flow into Gaza will enable Hamas to rebuild and even further develop its military infrastructure for the next round.
In finishing this operation as they did, our leaders seem to me to have a too cloudy vision of what is happening and what will most probably happen in the future. 
Israell has no control over the main military threat: the transfer of missiles, etc. from Egypt to Gaza, unless the next military operation is...against Egypt.
Ehud Barak just now admitted that even if rockets fall over the next day, the ceasefire will remain in force.
This would appear to be a crumbling of any strategic conception.
Too cloudy, I fear.