The apartheid that is - and isn't


This paper is reporting that

Israel advances PA NIS 180m. to ease financial crisisPM, Finance Minister decided to transfer before Ramadan to help the Palestinian Authority, in the midst of a severe financial crisis, pay monthly salaries of public sector employees.


Nice of Israel to be so considerate and coexistential.  But, isn''t there still is apartheid across the Green Line, as claimed?





(thanks to JoshH)

That was an across the Green Line location.


Actually, some people think a sign like this signifies a form of apartheid (even though it is Israel doing the ordering):



or this one:


The real apartheid is when no synagogues are being built in a "Palestinian" housing project but mosques and churches only.  Or when culture is apartheidized.   Not when the roads in Yesha are full of PA license plated cars.


I have an idea for the Hasbarah Ministry.  Minister Yuli, for a very few thousand shekels, position a video camera at 3-4 main junctions and crossroads out here in Yesha, film 15 minutes of traffic and poof! you''ll have proof that there are no "apartheid roads".  All will then be able to see the perhaps 50% of traffic, if not more, that is PA cars driving along those roads.  Quite a simple idea.