This is so much garbage


There are several versions of the recounting of how the Western Wall area became a garbage dump and how it was saved.
One has it that "The women of  the new Roman city [Aelia Capitolina] built over the ruins of Jerusalem were instructed, by Roman law, to take their garbage to the dump daily".
A visitor to Jerusalem around 1540, Eliezer Nahman Puah, published an account in Hebrew, that has Sultan Suleiman as the ruler who ordered the custom be halted and that the site be cleaned up.
And now, it''s happening again.
On the Temple Mount.
It has happened in the past but last week, a dumpster was spotted right next to the raised plafrom, to the east (above).
But now, they''ve move it a bit to the north:
Photos credit: HaLiba
Garbage, however, is garbage.  It''s filthy, it''s disrespectful, it''s against the law.
Garbage doesn''t belong there.
If this is the way the Waqf ''administers'' the site, they should not be the direct administrative agent.  The Waqf should be relieved of its role and it doesn''t make a difference if you are Jewish or Muslim, or Christian.
Mr. Netanyahu?  You are Prime Minister and we know nothing moves in Jerusalem withouth your approval.
Mr. Bennett?  You are the relevant minister in charge of the city.
Please, and don''t give us any garbage about the status quo.