What do they think in the Middle East?

In reviewing the new opinion poll of the Muslim world, the Pew Global Attitudes Project (and thanks to CHA), which basically presents data that reveals that 98% of the citizens in many Muslim countries dislike Jews (will this evidence of bigotry merit the attention of the mainstream media, aka MSM?), ElderofZiyon noted to me, a bit cynically, that
 “they can spin it. Only 1% of Jordanians liked Jews in 2006, and now it is 2% - a huge 100% increase!” (See p. 22 of the printed report)
Let’s get particular.
On page 5 PDF version, on the theme of ‘Relations Between Muslims and Westerners Are Poor’, the
PalestinainTerritories have the highest percentage, 72% of all Muslim countries.”
On page 8, we learn that
Ratings for Jews are uniformly low in the predominantly Muslim nations surveyed – in all seven of these nations, less than 10% have a positive opinion of Jews. Indeed, outside of Indonesia, less than 5% offer a positive opinion. Among Israel’s minority Muslim community, however, views are divided: 48% express a positive opinion of Jews, while 49% offer a negative opinion. In contrast, only 9% of Israeli Jews have a positive view of Muslims. Christians receive somewhat higher ratings among Israeli Muslims (67% favorable) than among Israeli Jews (51%).
On page 9:
Among most of the Muslim publics polled, Muslims tend to identify with their religion, rather than their nationality. This is particularly true in Pakistan, where 94% think of themselves primarily as Muslim instead of Pakistani. Lebanon and the Palestinian territories are exceptions to this pattern, however – more Muslims in both countries identify first with their nationality rather than with their religion. And many Muslims refuse to choose between nation and religion, volunteering that they identify with both.
By the way, in Israel, on the matter of how people identify themselves or how the see themselves: 
Nearly six-in-ten (57%) Jews identify first as Jews, while among the country’s Muslim community 77% think of themselves first as Muslims.
Are Jews to blame for the bad situation existing?  We learn that
Among Muslims who say relations are bad, majorities in six of seven nations think Westerners are mostly to blame. This view is especially common in the non-Arab nations surveyed:
Turkey (75%), Indonesia (74%), and Pakistan (72%). In the four Arab nations, significant minorities volunteer that Jews are primarily to blame, including 35% of Lebanese Muslims.
Oddly, while,
 “Fully 85% of Israeli Jews worry about Islamic extremism; in contrast, just 31% of Muslims in Israel express concerned, while 56% do not. Among the Muslim publics surveyed, Palestinians are the most concerned about Islamic extremism (78%).
In sum, going back to the opening item, we learn that
“Ratings of Jews are dismal in the seven predominantly Muslim nations surveyed. About one-in-ten (9%) Muslims in Indonesia, and even fewer in Turkey (4%), the Palestinian territories (4%), Lebanon (3%), Jordan (2%), Egypt (2%) and Pakistan (2%) express favorable opinions of Jews. Israeli Muslims, however, are divided in their opinions of Jews; 48% have favorable views and 49% express negative opinions.
As we read on p. 23, “attitudes toward Jews are uniformly negative across the Muslim world.”  So, it''s confirmed.
Does that, and how, impact on the possibility of a peace arrangement?  On the new relations with Egypt after the Fall (?) elections?  With the new (?) Fatah-Hamas unity (?) coalition?  Does not the Palestinian Authority media undermine peace and coexistence?
Can that actually be referred to as "thinking?"
Anybody paying attention?