Who is ignoring the Temple Mount?


I published an op-ed in this paper last week in which I discussed Israel''s government attitude to the Temple Mount and noted:


Israel’s government is not obligated to begin the construction of the Third Temple.  However, the government is obligated to not allow the destruction of state property, the trampling of basic human rights of non-Muslims, the provocative, violent behavior of male and female Islamists, the holding of pro-Hamas assemblies and the flying of terrorist flags and planting of banners on the mosque buildings in support of anti-Jewish propaganda.

Exerting Israel’s sovereignty on the Temple Mount, applying the law of the land, promoting religious freedom, protecting the site’s legacy above and below ground are all things the state must do...
And this week, we read:-
We also have stressed that Jordan — within the Hashemite custodianship over Muslim and Christian holy sites in Jerusalem — will continue to stand firm against Israel’s unilateral policies and measures and will work to end repeated violations of Al Aqsa Mosque’s sanctity and attacks against worshipers.
Those were the words of King Abdullah II of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan in an interview the other day.
Unfortunately, Israel''s Prime Minister expresses himself a bit less convinced of the justness of the policy he should be promoting vis-a-vis the Temple Mount and even echoes the King.
At his press conference, PM Benjamin Netanyahu was asked,
...a second question if I may, we''ve seen since the murder of Mohammed Abu Khdair, since the West Bank operations, since the Gaza operation, they are rioting, attacks [inaudible] violence in Jerusalem, riots in Jerusalem, the Temple Mount and I just wondered if there is concern at the spread of the violence [inaudible]."
And PM Netanyahu''s response:
[Regarding the Jerusalem question] Well, obviously we''re concerned. We hope that everyone, everyone will work now to calm the situation. That has been our goal from the very beginning in Jerusalem, everywhere, in the Palestinian areas. We don''t need to see loss of life there anymore than we want to see it on the Gaza front. I want to make sure that – you mentioned the Temple Mount – so I want to make sure that everyone understands that Israel respects and will continue to respect the status quo on the Temple Mount. We know that there are arrangements there, including the traditional role of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan, and we are not about to change it."
Mr. Netanyahu, the role need not be changed, although, truth tell, why does the Waqf there have to be Palestinian under Jordanian supervision? Why not the Waqf of the State of Israel?
Moreover, one need not alter the status quo to apply more police supervision and prevention.  In fact, the status quo is continuously being eroded by new customs like those Wicked Witches of the Waqf and Islamist Kollel Men and the provocations and violence.
Returning to the Jordanian monarch, I do not understand his complaint.  After all, the only "attacks against worshipers" are those by Waqf officials, organized groups of provocateurs paid by the islamic Movement and individual Islamists against Jews.
As for Muslims, they can demonstrate for Hamas as well as all the other pereviously noted criminal and violent acts they do and the police will do their job.
We shouldn''t forget that Abdallah specifically ignores the Jews and their rights to and within the Temple Mount.  He is only concerned for Muslims and Christians.
Mr. Netanyahu, it is your task not to ignore Jewish rights.