Over-regulation, even targeting by the United States government, is starting take a toll on the private sector and especially small businesses. The presidents EPA, has issued over ten thousand new regulation, every single year, of this presidents presidency. If you ever dreamed of opening a small business, it is not competition which should worry you most. Rather a government that can destroy it, either by audits or over taxation, or simply because they disagreed with it-whenever it so chooses.
Every time the government takes aim at the private sector, the big corporations/established businesses can hire the army of lawyers needed to defend themselves. Smaller businesses are usually forced to capitulate, and sell their self-made business. To be frank, the small businesses just don't have enough expendable capital to waste in a courtroom, leaving them little choice but to sell. The government knows this stymies growth while creating monopolies, they know they are letting the "rich" get richer, on top of giving them free reign on the increasingly less free markets. In addition, they are allowing them to consolidate their growth, making it almost impossible for small businesses to compete.
The most effective way to spread income, is to allow small business a fair shake in the free markets. When you open a business, and off the bat, before any profitability, you have to pay accountants and lawyers to handle the thousands upon thousands of regulations, that the government expects you to abide by to a tee, or face incredulous fines- It's a handicap for sure. The government has given many industry leaders an almost insurmountable lead over smaller competition, the established big businesses have the resources to shut down anyone they deem a competitor.
How many times does the government expect to save "large" businesses and their false claim of imminent disaster if we let them dissolve? Some of the conduct displayed at the management levels of these so called "too big to fail" companies is downright reprehensible. A truly free market will allow someone to create a more efficient, effective, and properly run company. These laws this administration believes in, actually propagates the established businesses, and makes it very difficult for new businesses to compete, I.e the little guy as the left likes to put it.
It's time to unleash the private sector from the chains of over-regulation. Reform is needed to clean out nonsensical regulations and allow small businesses, a fair level playing field. Rules and regulations are needed, but responsible, limited regulations are the way to.