The most effective way to fight BDS is using facts. All it takes is one look at the crowd and you'll understand this perpetual hatred of Israel. The left loves the victim card, and the Palestinians play that hand oh so very well. BDS needs to be reminded that we lost 73 of our kin mainly because we were protecting our enemy"s civilians(who hate us nonetheless) in the latest skirmish with Gaza. They live in this dream world, where they one day will actually defeat us.  73 mothers and fathers will never understand why there child was put in a lose-lose situation when Israel could've just leveled that area. They need to start appreciating the fact that all we aspire towards is peace. It's really that simple-stop stabbing civilians indiscriminately-stop denying our right to exist-stop using rockets or whatever other nefarious means to kill Israeli civilians, and we will have peace in a united Israel. Israel only wishes all of its citizens the right to prosper, the ability to live side by side focusing on our children and what future we want for them. 
      BDS tries desperately to portray Israel as an occupier, an apartheid state. First of all, yes Israel occupies its own land, remember, it's own land just like Americans occupy America. Second-every law abiding Arab and Christian have the same rights as Jews. In fact many Arabs and Christians serve in the IDF. I wouldn't call that apartheid. Yes, there is a wall between us and those who would load their cars with bombs and drive them into crowds. Israel protects its people, if the world has a problem with that, let it be. Their opinion is of little consequence, what matters is the safety and prosperity of the Israeli state. That includes Arabs and Christians who reside in Israel as well. Israel is a democratic state, that offers opportunity for all, it is just unfortunate it has to be surrounded by enemies and a world so complicit with anti-semitism. They mutter with whatever immoral breathe they have left to hurl vile slurs at Israels parcel of land. 
     When I was living in Israel I quickly learned the numbers in Hebrew to cut my cost on cab rides, by at least fifty percent. One day, in Jerusalem I wanted to take a cab from Jerusalem to Netanya(a good hour drive), and as usual the cab driver and I went back in forth, I started walking away, and of course he drove up to me looking down muttering "yalla" basically agreeing to my final price. This is a good 45 min to and hour drive, so it was only natural that we struck up a conversation. He quickly realized I was American and my mother language was English(I actually spoke Russian first but started thinking in English by 7). As we began to speak, there was something consistent about all of his statements. That if Muslims ruled this land, than the life and opportunities he is able to enjoy in Israel simply wouldn't exist, had it been ruled by the alternative PA and Hamas. He had two Israeli flags perching out both front windows. I tipped him a good shlosheem shekel, and he invited me over to have dinner at his home in Jerusalem, of which I obliged. I'll get into that story another day, the point I'm making is that peaceful Muslims are happy in Israel, they would fight and die for Israel. College campuses portraying the Israeli state as oppressive is nothing short of a lie. But I'm sure you know by now the left and BDS have no problem lying in order to move forward with their agenda. We need to expose all of them. Can you imagine, a mere 70 years after we were forced to wear yellow stars to identify ourselves, BDS now wants us to identify our goods. There is no difference, kristallnacht started out labeling Jewish stores and than vandalizing them. We cannot allow any nation to start dictating to us how they are going to treat Israeli goods. Any nation that implements any policy of labeling Israeli goods should be cut off from Israel's superior exports in all things-there loss. Let's not act like victims, we need to show the world we can do anything and everything ourselves. I'm not advocating isolation, I'm simply saying we cannot allow the world to dictate our convictions, our policies, and our actions.
      Isn't it funny that college campuses five thousand plus miles away are trying to create the narrative on what goes on in Israel. Expose them for their anti-semetism, because that's all it is at the end of the day, they don't believe we belong there. We cannot act weak or dismayed by this cult, we must remain with our heads held high, our faith strong, and the belief in our Israel unfettered. We are not in the wrong, never be defensive, never ever be defensive.
      Fight them, by showing them how insignificant their words are, they can cry and use all the words in the Oxford dictionary towards Israel, yet still their argument relies on a fundamental prejudice towards Jews. Look at them right in the eye and remind them, never again. Israel is our homeland, if they can't comprehend the terrorist threat Israel faces( even after 9/11, Paris, London, Spain, San Bernardino) than that is their problem. The way we make sure BDS doesn't effect us is by keeping up the hard work Israel has done in a multitude of technology sectors, the military,  finance-the world can't afford to not due business with Israel. Just look at Turkeys and Saudis Arabias latest action, they are almost begging for our help in dealing the very problem they are the cause of.  We need to show the world that Israel is so valuable that a bunch of kids who've never paid taxes, smoke pot all day, advocate the stifling of free speech, how absolutely foolish their argument is.