"Nothing patriotic" about denying the nations economic growth, proclaims the president. A record 93,041,000 no longer working. Over 45 million on food stamps with a 19 trillion dollar debt. Less than 6 cents per growth for every dollar spent by the government and their supposed separate entity the FED. The only thing growing is government and the people in bed with them. 
    Trump is aloof but makes a very good point, the wealthy invest  heavily in both parties in order to gain access or "special interest" when the new administration takes office. Billionaires have a right to public service, but that right shouldn't extend the boundaries of a single person, a single vote. 
  When Lockheed got the enormous 400 billion dollar new generation ground and air fighter aircraft contract, the F35, it was almost a Broadway play watching lobbying from competing companies with promises of riches beyond any old mans dreams. Government contracts are now the most sought after way of getting rich, hey I don't blame them but when the government invests the tax payers money we expect it to go into reasonable, growing, well managed companies. Not Solyndra, or a fighter jet we could've gotten for half the price.
  They say government is on auto pilot, that there is nothing we can do. They say our freedoms will be torn apart one by one, freedom of speech is already landing people in jail( I'm not talking conviction). They focus so much on that second most important amendment our founders wrote, our right to defend ourselves from those who wish us harm, and government tyranny. When Newport and the movie theater in Colorado slaying happened, I was just as long hearted as everyone else. All those lives lost, for no good reason. But the media saw the tool as the actual murderer, not the man himself. We are to be judged by our own actions, the gun didn't tell Mr Holmes to kill innocent lives, his evil mind did. Tell me if the second amendment were gone tomorrow, who would hand in their guns. The criminals, the gang members, the rapists, kid yourselves not, only the law abiding will hand in their weapons and a 130 pound girl walking to her car late at night will no longer have her greatest equalizer against a potential rapist, a .22 in her bag.
   Back to the big picture, the economy is not healthy, the economy is actually on the brink of monumental change, and this president is on the sidelines inviting Muslim kids who bring homemade clocks to school to the Whitehouse. 
     Our trade deals have destroyed manufacturing, we are allowing our competitors to make the same goods with what could easily be called slave labor. If we employ thousands upon thousands of regulations on American businesses, how could we allow, morally, those from third world countries essentially paying cents an hour to manufacture goods. American business can't compete when foreign business can create the same goods with much cheaper labor. All I'm saying is, the government cannot hold the American people and their businesses to so outrageous a standard without holding foreign competition to the same standards. If we cut off foreign companies that blatantly break labor laws, than we would start up new manufacturing tomorrow. We can fix the unemployment problem, but only if government stops giving priority and even preeminence to American competition.
    "Nothing patriotic" talking about the economy being in s bad state, says the president. Patriotism is the guts to tell the truth, patriotism is loving the nation and its people, patriotism is speaking the truth no matter the depths of its anguish. Mr. President we the people did build this and we the people are competent enough to know the economy is in bad shape. And it will be we the people who fix it not your beloved government.