Dr. Ben Carson

      The medias recent attacks on Dr. Carson have gone from biased criticism to downright hateful. Considering how little faith the public has in the media, this will serve Carson well. A GQ cover using the f word before Dr. Carson name on a headline is inexplicable let alone unacceptable. GQ never had much sense, but just imagine for one moment any newspaper in the country saying the f word before Obama"s name. He would be fired that day with zero hopes of ever working in the journalism business ever again. This is not journalism, the is media with an agenda  trying to fabricate a false narrative on who this man is. when in reality he is actually the complete opposite of their wholly inaccurate perception of him. The media is playing the old game of " if you tell a lie long enough, eventually they will believe it."
 the northern republicans who have way too much sway in how republicans choose nominees, will most likely go for a so called moderate establishment candidate, like Jeb. New York, California, and new jerseys super delegates need to be reduced. It is incredulous having people from states they haven't delivered since 84, have this much sway for who the republican nominee should be.
   Barack won on the premise of  people receiving obscene benefits all while not raising the debt ceiling, which he has done 17 times (I believe) Carson because he is not a politician but has a extensive knowledge of politics. He's not a democrat, and he believes in America. He grew up poor in an impoverished neighborhood and became the top neurosurgeon in the country. His words, are clearly coming from the heart and not a political mind of thinking " would the people approve of such a statement or policy." No, he doesn't think that way, he thinks what could I do to benefit America and the American idea.
     Ben Carson will not only preserve the constitution but take the Supreme Court for what it is. A case by case court wit no binding resolution. Five Supreme Court justices out of nine do not decide what marriage stands for. Neither does a president who clearly panders to one percent of the population who decide they are above the natural order of their bodies. Let them, this is a free country, I only mind when the nYT uses words half its readers will never understand to justify the horrid Supreme Court decision.
   Ben Carson is the embodiment of America, he is exactly what Thomas Jefferson spoke when he wrote all men were created equal not all white men. He is the embodiment of someone who wants what's right before anything else. He is a man who will safeguard our sacred constitution and lead America towards freedom and free enterprise. The establishment should be afraid. States we never win have too much say in who we truly want to nominate as the next president of the United States and that is where the northeast will put all their chips. 
    Let us not forget, Regean was considered an outsider, a true conservative, and he won Reelection with 49 out of 50 states. That's 98 percent of the electoral college, conservatism is America the constitution is a right leaning document. That is why you constantly hear the left call it outmoded and outdated. The left are a bunch of self obsessed pretenders. They care none for the world just listen to how they talk about their own fellow brethren,  American conservatives. Hilary Clinton considered half the country her number one enemy, imagine that. The presumptive democrat nominee just called half the country her number one enemy. 
   Ben Carson will unite us all and will bring back the American idea. The Jewish idea of 1948. That no king, no nation, will ever dictate to us how we should govern. How we should raise our youth, how we should pledge allegiance every single day. We decide our own fate the democrats can congregate in Ny and CA for their liberal Utopias, the rest of us choose self determination. The say demographics are against, I ask them do our human hearts beat the same way, well, than they will come around as any reasonable pragmatic man can only take so much lying deceiving coercion from the democrat party.
    A black man, who believes In the constitution, self reliance, monotheism, 
fiscal and social conservatism is just too much for the liberal media to bare. A man who rose from poverty to become one of the top surgeons in America is a republican, how could that be? Common sense, something of Ben Carson's forte. The democratic platform is one of, borrow, spend, print and borrow some more. They believe babies with beating hearts don't deserve to live. Yet rapists who are illegally in the United States should be set free to rape and cause Somewhere chaos and ruin.
  They believe in  American disengagement, which has led to millions displaced and hundreds of thousands dead across the Middle East. They believe in cowering to our enemies at the expense of our allies. Carson is on the opposite spectrum of these policies, for the left, a revered and respected man such as Carson not being lockstep with democrats is inconceivable to them. If he wins the nomination followed by the General election, Israel will have nothing to worry about defensively for the length of his term.