Is a two-state solution plausible?

       Forgive me, for I will speaking without reserve, given the momentous decisions that lay ahead for Israel. For the last four decades, we have offered numerous peace proposals, prostrated, given up land to our Islamic neighbors. We have tried every possible argument under the sun, all in vain. I wish to know in what conduct our Islamic neighbors have shown us, in which a peaceful two state solution is plausible? Have they shown a pragmatic reconciliation, by launching rockets at civilians? Have they shown us tolerance, by kidnapping and murdering three Jewish teenagers?
    The world is becoming more anti-Semitic by the day. Will Israel supplicate such hysteria by redrawing her borders until they are no longer defensible? I can only judge the future by what the past has shown me. When has any nation benefitted from giving up land for threat of war? The Czechs gave the Germans the Sudetenland, than they forcefully took the rest of it. Israel, she is not weak, armed with a merciful, just, loving God, and a superior military can defeat any enemy which threatens her sovereignty.
       We spend precious time criticizing Pamela Gellar for speaking out against Muslim intolerance. Just this week a thousand men in Mosul stoned a 17 year old girl to death, for merely falling in love. Have the Islamists become so weak minded as to not accept criticism, as to choose violence to silence those in opposition? Instead of denouncing the bravery of Pamela Gellar, why not denounce those who consistently attempt to take her life? It doesn't matter wether Pamela Gellar is right or wrong, what matters is her right to freely express her opinion without the threat of death hanging over her every syllable. Our silence is deafening, our enemies amassing at our borders, yet we find time to critique those who side with us. 
     Subjugation anywhere on earth, is an injustice intolerable to our God. Does Muslim scripture give them just cause to deem women as second class? Willful placating, for fear of repercussions, is a cowardly act. 
     Different men may see the same subject in different lights, but eloquent words of obedience to Islamic intolerance changes nothing. Reform, orthodox, conservative, can we put aside petty little quarrels in order to grasp the larger context of our salvation?