There should be no discussion, no act of supplication on the subject of Jerusalem. It is the capital of Israel, and it is without question an essential part of Israel. The Arabs will riot, they will go after civilians, they will do everything that would deserve condemnation from the UN and U.S. Yet, there will be no such condemnation, only an enormous microscope on how Israel responds to the rioters who murder civilians.
    The Temple Mount is theirs, we aren't even arguing for its rightful return to Israel. What more do they want? Is it Israel's fault that they do not prosper under the corruption of the Palestinian authority? How can we even talk of peaceful reconciliation when they so zealously attack Israel's civilians. They show no mercy for women or children, it is almost as if we are dealing with barbarians and the world is upset because we aren't providing enough blankets for our enemies. Let them be upset, Israel needs to act decisively, now, to end the riots, and the indiscriminate targeting of Israeli civilians.  
    U.S judges five thousand miles away do not decide the capital of Israel, only people of Israel can decide where their capital is. And it is without a doubt that the citizenship of Israel views Jerusalem as its capital and that is why securing it for Israeli citizens is paramount. 
     Jerusalem is not Gaza, there is no pulling back from Jerusalem. Talk of such appeasement should be admonished, there's no debate to be had on Jerusalem. It belongs to Israel, and with Israel's good heart, Israel allows the PA to control the Temple Mount. Let this kind and merciful act by Israel not be taken for granted, if we so choose, we can have it back tomorrow. If our good will continues to be responded with stone throwers and murdering rioters, than Israel will be left with little choice than to take it away. The people of Israel deserve better than to live under this constant threat of an Arab intifada. All actions must be taken swiftly to protect the people, how the global community reacts is not of issue, at the moment for Israel. The safety of its citizens holds precedence over anything else, the government of Israel will do what it must to ensure this fact. 
    If the world thinks Israel is to stand idle by while Arabs roam the streets stabbing civilians indiscriminately, than they are surely mistaken.