One party rule?

   Whatever happens this November, the left has successfully created a victim socialist class. Eventually, they will become the majority through demographics and division. The notion of individualism will disappear in the name of collectivism. The very principles and values that made America the greatest country in the world. Pride in ones work, ones own ability to provide for their family, will vanish for the absurd idea that the state should be the sole provider. The idea of "a government of, by and for the people," will be discarded for "The government and its subjects."
   The media, universities, public institutions have become so arrogant in their liberalism, so biased in their approach that new generations will never know of anything else. The failures of state control, to these "intellectuals" was mainly the cause of mismanagement, not its inherent flaws. There used to be a time when the state feared the people, and the people feared its power by putting in place limitations. Those checks we used to have on our ever expanding government, are all but gone. Now young and old are openly asking for the state to run their lives. Whether it be healthcare, college, welfare, cellphones, the people want something from the state. And the state will provide...for now.
  No body is arguing for the removal of some basic safety net programs. But we must be realistic about their sustainability. The country sits on a 20 trillion dollar debt, half a trillion dollar deficit, 100 plus trillion in unfunded liabilities and the lefts only solution is to spend more. The government took in three trillion plus last year alone. The money was spent before it even reached Washington. The problem isn't the lack of funds, the problem is the utter mismanagement of the largest GDP on the globe. 
  The government lacks the ability to cut wasteful programs that cost taxpayers billions. If the government went through each and every program they spent the people's hard earned money on, and judged it for its effectiveness, our budget would be significantly less. Yet, the federal government has no interest in caring for the people's money. Because they have they have the power to tax the people at any movement, when that 3 trillion plus no longer satisfies them or their donors.
  The democratic nominee for president just announced she plans to raise taxes on the middle class, to an ecstatic group of maybe a few hundred people. What did she prove? That their is no middle class, the Obama administration has successfully destroyed any semblance of America's once thriving middle class. Today the new middle class lives paycheck to paycheck, as their wages have stayed stagnant over the last decade while the cost of living has only gone up. Their ability to save has been greatly diminished. All sense of security has been lost, and the state is telling us things couldn't be better.
   The state, and it's propoganda machine have successfully created such a divide amongst the people that extremist groups such as BLM, as they roam the streets burning down private businesses. The people are at a breaking point, and this new economy is unsustainable. Major cities such as New York and San Francisco have priced out even the upper middle class. Strange, how the most liberal of cities are only affordable for the rich. 
   Its hard to imagine the trajectory of state dependence reversing course with the people so blinded by the state run media and its falsehoods. Government interference in the private sector has chained our economy to a poultry one percent growth, during a "recovery," nonetheless. Donald Tru,p couldn't have said it better when mentioning democratic control of major cities, " More crime, more broken homes, and more poverty." Little optimism remains, that the people will break with the failures, the corruption and the lies of the Democratic Party.