The intellectuals are coming

          To even suggest, to even insinuate that Israel is occupying non-existent Palestinian lands is not only misleading, it is the very heart of liberals and their insidious argument. Reciting philosophers, even ones as brilliant as Kant does not validate an argument that we are the oppressors, while we in fact are the protectors. Only a professor from a notorious liberal university in the safe haven of America would have the gall to call Israel the occupier, and the arrogance to use absurd arguments filled with innuendos half his readers would never comprehend to somehow make his argument more valid.
        Time and time again we have pleaded, we have prostrated, offered almost the entirety of the West Bank, only to be met with knife weilding terrorists demanding the whole of Israel. The left conveniently forgets leaving the West Bank would not only mirror the mistakes made in Gaza, they would turn the West Bank into a larger, well armed threat mere kilometers from major Jewish cities. How can you morally justify giving land to a people who won't even acknowledge our existence, who provoke their own people to kill innocence. What would they do with a state other than consistently threaten Israel or launch rockets that can reach 95 percent of Israel. It is a security risk simply not worth taking, yet the left wants us to hand over our land that we turn into gardens to a people who will use it for terrorism.
        The hypocrisy of the left has grown to new heights. They take every measure available to protect any insult derived towards the radical Islamist, yet go out of their way to admonish Jews. The consistency with their lies that we are occupying someone else's land has turned uninformed college students against the only true free democracy in the Middle East. The only country in the Middle East that tolerates homosexuals, believes in equal rights, and even has Arabs serving in their parliament. Name one Arab nation that comes close to treating Jews in the way Israel treats its law abiding Arabs. 
       Just the other day a cnn anchor compared Jewish terrorism to Muslim terrorism. It's hard to believe this so called journalist has a job. How can you compare a religion that seeks world domination by any means necessary, including attacking civilian targets, to a religion that seeks peace in the tiniest parcel of land. There is no comparison to be made with the two and to have our own people tell us to give up our own land is disheartening to say the least. Only the left can make false ascertains and get away with it, they can't stand us, and they can't stand the fact that we fight for what's rightfully ours even more.
Liberal Jews from the states advising Israel on  how to ensure its survival is incomprehensible.This is not about moral justification, this is about survival, about the future of the Jewish people. Our enemy is not rational nor pragmatic and have shown absolute no regard for women and children. If we are ever to be defeated at war, Jews everywhere will be oppressed. I hate to say this old cliche, but the old better stop telling us that peace is so sweet and life so dear as to purchased at the price of fundamentalist Muslim savagery. Unfortunately I see what course others are willing to take, they seek to blame us for protecting our land, that conveniently forgets Israel allows all religions to thrive. My father growing up in Russia had to hide everything they owned related to Jewry, so don' tell me about oppression. The issue is, there are radical Muslims that will never ever accept a Jewish state. We must acknowledge this fact or face a future where our adversaries are much more capable of inflicting significant damage to our already fragile 6-7 million Jews in Israel.
    My leftist brethren, try to wake up, we're not going to lose Israel in my lifetime nor our children's. Our enemies, if given even an inch, they will take it as in act of weakness and only create more conflict and violence. These leftist have no problem taking life away from the unborn, I guess we shouldn't be surprised they take no issue with the risks involved in calling the protection of our homeland an occupation.