Trump V Clinton

I guess we could come to the reasonable conclusion that both Mr. Trump and Mrs. Clinton will win their respective parties nomination. Many do not believe Trump to be a conservative, and they have a wealth of evidence to support that theory. We are passed the time for debating whether Trump is a republican or not. He is going to lead our ticket in November, and if conservatives care about the senate as well as Supreme Court, they will at least give Donald Trump a shot.
The #nevertrump nonsense needs to end now. The RNC has already done irreparable damage to our presumptive nominee. Donald Trump has a humongous hole to dig himself out of, and it's his own party's establishment that had dug it. I may not believe a lot of what Trump has to say, but I will give him a chance over queen Hillary any day of the week. It would be preposterous in my opinion, to not even give the man a chance to prove to us he will govern as a responsible conservative. At the end of the day, fiscal conservatism matters more to me then social issues. Not to take anything away from social issues, but at this moment in time someone with Trumps liberal positions on social issues will help the republicans regain the White House.
    Hilary Clinton was barely able to squeak by a socialist who honeymooned in the U.S.S.R. The same place that took many of my families lives, with the exception of my parents of course. They risked their lives to escape this plague of entitlement, of someone being owed anything other than our G-d given rights. Hillary Clinton is the most corrupt politician, sans Barak Obama; that has been a part of Washington in the last 8 years. Six in ten democrats do not trust her. She's going to have a major problem getting the Sanders voters on board with her Wall St. backed campaign. This is a lady that believes the law does not apply to her, she destroyed evidence during an FBI investigation. They were able to retrieve most of it, yet that in and of itself is a serious crime. She has broken at least two serious federal crimes; and she still gets to run for president? It's ludicrous, absurd at best. If Obama allows her to get away with these serious violations of federal law due to her handling of classified information like a high school kid. It'll be a reassurance of what the majority if Americans already believe; that she is the embodiment of the corruption we all can't stand in Washington.
   Donald Trump is not a politician, and he will emphasize this fact when running for the presidency. He will draw a sharp contrast to how he is bound by no special interest groups, while she's already made a series of promises to multiple groups, should she win the Presidency. I know the American people are sick of Washington getting richer and richer while they get poorer and poorer. It's not the one percent that's causing our middle class to essentially become non-existent. It's our own government that is causing the massive economic problems America faces due to their reckless regulations coupled with an already enormous tax burden.
      Donald Trump will bring the Republican Party into the 21st century. The bathroom issue, I disagree with him on. Although, it'll look good to independent voters who surely do not trust HRC. He will pivot to the general further than any other candidate for either party in the history of this great nation. He will sound like a liberal when running for the general, as long as he sticks to immigration and fiscal conservatism, his base of support will remain steadfast. At this moment I believe it's 50/50 on who wins the presidency. If the republicans do lose the White House, it'll be because they themselves divided the party when Trump started demolishing the competition. Even with ten candidates on the ballot, he was still crushing the competition. After 44 million dollars spent on ads against him in New Hampshire, he still obliterated the competition. The people want Donald Trump, or at least have accepted the inevitability of his nomination.
 The party is in the hands of someone I personally cannot read. I can't tell you for sure how he will govern, I can't tell you for sure what ideology he actually believes in. But I can tell you he loves this country, I can tell you he doesn't need to do this, yet he's doing it anyway. For me, that's more than enough to take off on a Tuesday, and head to the polls to vote for Donald Trump. It is a risk, but when weighed against the risk of a Hilary Clinton presidency, the choice becomes crystal clear.