Unity...or not

    Establishment republicans aren't just preparing for Trump to lose the election, they openly welcome it. Fifty republican national security experts came out against Trump, proclaiming he would threaten our national security if elected. Not a whisper of what a Clinton presidency would be like. Not a word of the uranium she sold to Russia, no mention of her corrupt dealing as Secretary of State. The establishment doesn't want Trump for one reason, and one reason alone...they cannot control him. 
   Instead of the establishment getting behind Trumps pro growth economic speech, they decided their time would best be served critiquing every word he utters. Trump was never going to be politically correct, and that's exactly why he won the nomination. To assume he would change his tone for the general election would be folly. So called"conservative" pundits spend more time bashing Trump then ever speaking of Hilary's long list of scandals. His economic speech deserved some credit, but no credit would be thrown his way. The establishment of both parties aren't very different. They both only care for their interests or their donors, whether or not they align with the American people's best interests or not. Their distaste for a man willing to speak truth to the matter is on full display. They don't like being questioned, and they definitely don't like to be proven wrong. One thing is for sure, their loyalties do not lay with the people. Their loyalties are squarely focused on those that bought their influence. Trump demanded their influence, without concessions, and that was unacceptable to the establishment. 
   The establishment knows full well, that if Donald Trump fails to win the presidency, a woman whose concerns reach no further then her pocket book will be president of the free world. They know full well she cannot be trusted, they know better then anyone else the dangers a Clinton presidency would bring. Yet, they have become so fixated on Trumps rhetoric, that they aren't allowing themselves to see the alternative. A Hilary Clinton presidency should be unacceptable to republicans, yet we are seeing some endorse her. Some are going as far as to campaign for her, as well as donating to said campaign. This should be beyond incredulous to every single conservative voter. Trump isn't the perfect candidate, we all know that. But to act as if Hilary Clinton would be better for America is truly foolish. 
   If Trump loses the election, the people should know the blame extends no further then the establishment of his own party. Every republican candidate already has the extreme obstacle of the mainstream media to hurdle over. When "leaders" of your own party actively campaign against you, or even worse endorse a democrat, your chances of winning are almost slim to none. Unity doesn't necessarily mean you need the establishment behind you, but it sure doesn't hurt. The people have become so fed up with politics as usual, that maybe the establishments crusade against Donald Trump will help drive anti-establishment voters to the polls.