Why do they believe the lies?

      Yes, the Chinese oppress some of their own while Israel celebrates all. The Chinese storm mosques while Israel empowers all citizens. Sadly, much of the world believes the falsehoods of the UN. The current US president simply exacerbates the situation.
      Surprising to some, the Chinese greatly admire the Jewish people. Xu Xin, a notable Chinese author and professor, heads the Institute for Jewish Studies in Nanjing, one of half a dozen institutions covering the study of Judaism. Xu is quoted in the New York Times saying "Most Chinese will think Jews are smart, clever or good at making money, and that they have achieved a great deal." Their fascination stems from our prospering despite millennia of oppression and for creating a state that became a first world nation in less than seventy years. Another famous Chinese author, Zhu Xinyue, whose notable works include 101 Money Earning Secrets from Jews' Notebooks and Learn to Make Money with the Jews Is quoted as saying, "Judaism is a smart nation with a turbulent history. They accumulated their experiences and wisdom from generation to generation, possessing qualities such as excellent earning power and wealth-building means."
     As opposed to earlier, modern day China has a different relationship with almost all fifty-five of their ethnic minorities. For instance, traditionally communism opposes any form of religion. Yet, the Hui Muslims and the Kaifeng Jews are allowed to practice their religion without interference. However, China has cracked down on religion for the Uighars and Tartars in the Xinjiang province. Why? Different treatment stems from one cause: the Hui/Kaifeng Jews consider themselves as much Chinese as their religious identity and seek no autonomy. The Uighars committed heinous Islamic terrorist attacks throughout the Xinjiang province including two 2014 railway massacres that killed over thirty, in each incident. In response, the government banned burqas and men with long beards. Every Muslim shop must sell cigarettes and prominently display alcohol. However, these new laws only apply to the Uighurs after the government executed thirty-six Muslim terrorist and co-conspirators. The world press portrays China as anti-religion.  In reality, they simply are protecting the sovereignty of their nation. They will never give terrorists million dollar trials as in the U.S or Israel. They would send them to Guantanamo.
      As much as China will defend Iran and Russia, a likely alliance due to economic rivalry with the U.S/E.U., they do not take Muslim extremism lightly. They eschew any talk of sharia law or an autonomous East Turkestan, the primary goal of the Uighurs in Xinjiang. Oddly, the U.N mentions Israel's settlements too many times to count, but utters not a single condemnation of China and their policies in the Xinjiang province. The Chinese relocated millions of Han (92% of a 1.3 billion population) compared to 20-30 million Muslims who are half Hui (who self-identify as Chinese) to effectively make the region a Han majority population to suppress Muslim practice and the Uighar's reason for autonomy. Attempted conversions can lead to jail or worse. Is the U.N a bunch of hypocrites run by dictatorial regimes? Surely, you know that Israel does not suppress Muslim practice. The Al Aqsa mosque is controlled by the PA. Jews cannot set foot in it regardless of their claims. Israel’s government, the most tolerant on earth, still is shown as an intolerant oppressor with apartheid. That narrative could not be further from the truth. The Jewish people survived thousands of years and multiple regimes seeking our extinction. Today, with a nation we call our own, we must dismiss the lies.  
   Israel is not the oppressor, but we must protect every inch of Israel knowing that any loss can be the loss of Israel's sovereignty. India, China, and Russia, all eager to do business with Israel, eagerly wait for the day that America fully turns its back on Israel. Israel must do what is best for Israel. Israel must not listen to western voices of appeasement. Appeasement leads only to larger conflicts and more death. We must remain vigilant. We must focus on our convictions. Israel is our land. If that means we have to fight for it, then so be it.
    I love America as much as I love Israel. For that reason, I look at them through a separate lens. America’s current executive administration could not possibly be more anti-Israel. I want what is best for both countries, but the president seems unwilling to sign the bill that punishes countries that support BDS. The Democrats press him to sign it. That bill passed both houses almost unanimously. I believe we need no further evidence that we have no ally in the White House. America cannot be blamed for the feckless president. Hopefully, the 2016 election will change the trend. However, only time will tell.
  Amazingly, China oppress citizens, but Israel celebrates fairness. The Chinese stomp on religious dissidents. Israel empowers all religions. Yet, the world sees the two countries very differently.