That 'ruach' you can only find in Israel

Miracles happen everyday, we just don''t always acknowledge them. Jerusalem''s energy and power is indescribable. Once noticing it you become addicted.
The good vibrations that emanate from disconnected individuals reconnecting with each other in Jerusalem, is unreal. I go up and down with my spirituality. I also recognize that everyone has their own individual path necessary to travel towards personal serenity, and connecting to the source that brings forth life.
Over Shabbos, I reunited with people I have loved dearly in different stages of my life. We were all brought together in Jerusalem because of one reason, we were all Jews. It was so spiritually recharging, I felt as if I have regained something I most cherished. Something I had not felt for so long;my soul. What happened this weekend, is why I live here.
Birthright is back in town, one of my best friends from school (Steven Strauss) whom I had not seen in two years was in Israel. We coordinated to see each other, but I knew it was going to be tough to run into each other. At the same time my childhood sweetheart and first kiss (Jamie Block), was in town with her little sister (Samantha). I had not seen Jamie and Samantha in almost ten years. I had no idea what trip they were on, or what their schedule was. But as usual, I had faith in the city. I knew if it was meant to be, then it was meant to be.
I reunited with all of them. First with Stevie, only to find out the two sisters from Texas were on his trip. In a manner of seconds we were all together, energy just went flying. I am not gonna lie, you could feel it immediately. It was the best high no substance could match, it was Jerusalem.
The mutual ignition of the heart and soul, is one of the most profound experiences known to man. It''s power is deathly delicious, When ignited in Israel, between multiple people, through two mediums, each other and Israel; the beauty, holiness, and undeniable truth of the Land of Israel, and the Jewish people''s connection to it, pulsates in your soul, coming to life like never before. In other words, you just feel it, and want to ride this wave all the way into the shore.
Later that day at the Kotel, Stevie, Samantha, and Jamie''s behavior showed me I am still taking this place for granted. Causing me to think what has happened to me? Where did my personal need to tap into the source go? Where had my spirituality that had defined me as a person for so long gone?
All I can say, is that I had no idea that over the next day of spending time with the three of them, it was going to hit me harder than ever. As Dave Chappell said, "what did the five fingers say to the face? SLAP!" because that''s what happened, and I could begin to feel that non physical feeling I always took for granted; that ruach.
I spent the rest of the Shabbat walking to their hotel from my apartment. A lot of walking that helped me reconnect with Jerusalem. All I wanted was to be around the energy that my friends were exuding, and they knew they were. The intensity of their Israel Challenge Birthright trip caused a fusion it seems between their hearts, souls, and minds around the physicality, spirituality, and the overall incomprehensible idea that they were actually in the Jewish state in the land of Israel.
Their energy was something to get high off of. The best kind of high. All natural 100% pure grade-A Israel. 
We need more trips, more positive vibrations in this Land. Birthright works, it all works if people take the time to get the most out of their trips to Israel. As Sharansky said, "... The best thing for the cultivation of Jewish identity is for young Jews to experience [Israel]." Luckily my friends are proof that it''s true.