Not gun control – return to Ten Commandments’ governing

In the Las Vegas aftermath like in the aftermath of past mass killings, again the restrictions on gun ownership are discussed.
From the news media:
Jewish groups call for more gun control in Las Vegas aftermath. "Our prayers must be followed by action, long overdue limits to the easy access to fire arms," Says Rabbi Rick Jacobs, president of the Union for Reform Judaism.
From the news media:
Just six days before that tragic night in June 2016, Obama spoke at a PBS town hall and addressed the issue of gun violence, speaking candidly about why he had been unable to affect any change on the issue. Acknowledging that he was about to leave office and that more guns had been sold during his presidency than ever before, Obama explained that as president he was wholly unable to stop dangerous individuals from purchasing weapons capable of mass murder.
The USA was founded on the Judeo-Christian morality of the Bible with its Ten Commandments one of which proclaims:
Thus, in the Judeo-Christian moral universe you are not murdering not because you do not have a gun but because you believe in the sanctity of human life. In this moral universe, you have a gun to protect yourself and others from the devilish people you can encounter.
The political leaders who are quoted in the above and their soulmates believe in protection of human life through government laws aimed at limiting people’s opportunities and punishing them for expanding their opportunities. Those leaders believe that you are not murdering because you do not have a gun – therefore, the restrictions on gun ownership should be legislated and enforced. They are the same leaders who have helped change the governing morality of the country from the Ten-Commandments-guided governing to the “politically-correct-rules” governing when the citizens are forced to do something that is adversary to their Judeo-Christian morality.
Those leaders are abolishing any connections between the Government and One God thus making human gods of themselves.
Some people like presidency of Donald Trump - some dislike it. However, those among us who are truly concerned with the hate and murder on rise in our country have to appreciate his efforts on returning One God to our life and to the governing – One God with the Bible and Ten Commandments guidance. One God coming to our country is not a violation of the Constitution – that is not making the Church guiding the government – that is making our Judeo-Christian morals guiding the government.
The more citizens we have who follow the guidance of the Ten Commandments and of the entire Judeo-Christian morality, the less probable will be another massacre of the Las-Vegas-massacre type.