This time the (white) American majority might vote and change the country’s path

For the past presidential elections, the votes of the minorities – not of the majority - were crucial in electing a president. It looks like, this time the situation is changing for good – now the majority intends to elect the president.
Although the majority is mostly “white” and many among the minorities are “black or colored”, the election result will not be defined by confrontation between different races. Rather this time, the election result will be defined by the confrontation between the majority believing in American-style Judeo-Christian principles as the foundation of a just society and the minorities supporting other principles.
From the news media of analytical mind-set:
A changing America: In 2012, blacks outvoted whites.
A Census report on the 2012 election finds that blacks were more likely to vote than whites for the first time. The number of white voters declined by more than 2 million, another first.
Besides a lower voting rate, the number of white voters declined in 2012. There were 1.1 million more eligible white voters in 2012 than in 2008, but their total votes cast dropped by more than 2 million — the first time any racial group has shown a decline in net voting since the Census began tracking the issue, in 1996.
From the news media of minorities’ mind-set:
Donald Trump has a white supremacist problem. The only question is whether he will ignore it, deny it or do something about it.
From the Nevada 2016 primaries results:
In the Democratic Party primaries, just about 12,000 citizens of the state voted; in the Republican Party primaries, uncharacteristically high number, over 75,000 citizens of the state voted.
The above quotes from the news media bring the following questions:
• Why the (presumably white) majority has not participated in the past presidential elections?
• Why Nevada 2016 primaries have attracted a negligible number of Democrats while Republicans have voted in mass?
• If the majority has decided to participate in the election, what it would demand from the government?
• Is this is true that the (presumably white) majority have white supremacist problem?
Below are most probable answers to these four questions.
• In the past, the (presumably white) majority has not participated in the presidential elections in mass since they have believed that the existing political system is building a just society along the lines of their Judeo-Christian morality. If it is so, they have not cared too much which political party or who in a party may lead the country. Many in the majority have not voted and the minorities’ participation has become a decisive factor.
• This time everything is changing since the majority have finally realized that the existing political system has not been building a just society along the lines of their Judeo-Christian morality. The minorities - with their different and frequently incompatible to the American-style Judeo-Christian morality - have been successful in replacing the American-style Judeo-Christian morality, which should be the foundation for building a just society, by the multiculturalism, which diminishes the American-style Judeo-Christian morality. The minorities have achieved all that through active participation in the elections. And this was the call for majority’s actions that Nevada 2016 primaries have demonstrated – the majority have realized the Republican Party is a more reliable political force for building a just society on the foundation of Judeo-Christian morality.
• The majority wants to restore the Judeo-Christian moral principles for creating an American fair society for everybody. The restoration list is a long one but here are just a few examples: the Ten Commandments as the legislative foundation; the family morals are not to be legislated; the assistance to the needy through the charity; the government should compet with the private sector wherever it is possible; the USA should lead the world; etc.
• The (presumably white) majority is not “white supremacist” in racial terms - this majority includes people of different races. However, this majority prefer to be the “supreme authority/power” in their own country in terms of imposing the Judeo-Christian definitions of what is Good and what is Bad in government legislative activities.