To help the Middle Class we have to tax the Upper Class less – much less

Yes, that is what Adam Smith and Milton Friedman would do. And that is what all truly spiritual Jews and Christians should support.
That is what too many people do not understand.
What kind of help the Middle Class folks need and what kind of help they do not need and even may despise?
Let begin with what the Middle Class folks do not want. They do not want any government welfare-type assistance. They do not want any government assistance since they clearly understand that this assistance always comes with various government regulations restricting their ability to manage their own life along the lines of their Judeo-Christian morality.
What do they want from the government? They want the government to provide the legislative environment that leads to creation of high-paid jobs – enough high-paid to support pleasant family living conditions and enough money for health insurance, children education, retirement and some choice charities. And they want the government protecting them from all foreign and domestic adversaries.
There is no confusion on how the government should protect us from all foreign and domestic adversaries – to do this the government has the police and the military.
However, there is confusion on how to provide the legislative environment that leads to creation of high-paid jobs. The nation is divided between
• Those who believe the government itself should create the high-paid jobs for the Middle Class using the money received from taxing the Upper Class more – much more, and
• Those who believe the Upper Class creates the high-paid jobs for the Middle Class when the government tax the Upper Class less – much less.
To clear up this confusion, we have to recall how these two classes make the money.
The Middle Class makes the money by working for various businesses (the better your working skills, the more money you make) while the Upper Class makes the money by creating these businesses (the better your investment skills, the more money you make).
The more money the Upper Class have for investing, the more high-paid job opportunities are created for the Middle Class. The Upper Class have more money for investment when the government taxes the Upper Class less. The more investment moneys are available, the more high-paid jobs are available. Why high-paid jobs? – Because of the “demand-supply” law: more investment moneys – more jobs in the jobs’ “demand” – the higher salaries in the jobs’ “supply”.
When the Upper Class is taxed less, the government receives less money and becomes less intrusive in the life of the Middle Class, creating more space for living along the lines of Judeo-Christian morality.
Why the government cannot make the same investment in creating the high-paid jobs for the Middle Class taking money from the Upper Class by taxing it more? It is so because the government invests with no personal profit-based interest in making investment work effectively – the government bureaucrats have no personal interest in well-functioning economy, they always can blame the political adversaries for economic failures.
From the news media:
Most Americans live paycheck to paycheck. Nearly 10 percent of those making $100,000 or more say they cannot make ends meet. Overall, most workers said they are in debt and many believe they always will be.
To revive the Middle Class and create for all Americans a better life than just “live paycheck to paycheck” we have to reduce taxation of the Upper Class. The follow up reduction of the size of the bloated government will not only improve the economy but will return to the families their Judeo-Christian morality the bloated government has been replacing by the “politically correct rules” for long time.