Facts and lies about Ahed Tamimi

Who is Ahed Tamimi?
According to Amnesty.org: “16-year-old Palestinian activist Ahed Tamimi has been called the "Rosa Parks of Palestine." For years, she and her family have bravely stood up against the Israeli occupation, but now she has been sentenced to eight months in prison – call for her release her now.”
Unfortunately many were urging about setting free Ahed Tamini, although I am sure that most of them do not know who she really is, or they extremely hate Israel.
Palestinian teen “Rosa Parks of Palestine” was violent protestor, slapping soldiers, saying improper words, cursing. Furthermore, one teen and reasonable adult would never do.
It is sad and ironic that those who support “Free Ahed Tamimi” also support her parents who educated her to be hooligan which goal is to insult IDF soldiers and make problems by cursing, insulting and slapping soldiers.
Tamimi will serve five months instead of eight as it was previously decided.
I wonder, what kind of a parent is teaching teen to behave like a vandal. Furthermore, I wonder who are those who support freedom of one hooligan and her family.
The fact of the matter is that unfortunately this is a model of “educating” kids by those parents who extremely hate Israel; Tamimi is just one of them.
Moreover, here we have psychological manipulation, to be more specific: it is a technique that undue influence influence through emotional exploitation and mental distortion. The intention of this technique is to seize control, power privileges or benefits.
“Poor teen, latest child victim is in jail, set her free.”
“Israel occupy her land, she was just defending her right.”
“Think about her parents, how cruel is it to put a teen in prison for slapping a soldier.”
Those are few examples of classic psychological manipulation, hiding facts.
“Poor teen” is not an activist, she is hooligan.
Abbas prized the family of the “poor teen” for slapping and shoving IDF soldiers.
Unfortunately, many biased and uniformed media sources and journalists had contributed that a hooligan becomes presented as “poor teen”.
Before writing, informing, saying a word about Israel have on mind to be informed not manipulated.
Additionally, Israel is a country which wants peace and which cannot occupy territory which is its own.
IDF soldiers are those who defend their families, every innocent civilian who is in Israel, they are not war criminals as it is often said by those who hate the fact that Israel is on the map to stay.
“Nothing prevents us from being and remaining the exponents of a united humanity, when we have a country of our own. To fulfill this mission we do not have to remain literally planted among the nations who hate and despise us.”
- Theodor Herzl