Israel is bleeding

The wave of terror attacks strikes Israel. Israelis are stabbed, shot on the streets by Palestinian terrorists. 
Obviously they are attacked just because they are Jews living in their homeland.
Anyone who has certain historical knowledge knows that Israel is Jewish homeland.
With this in mind, as someone who had been in Israel, lived there for six months I may say that every peaceful person is very welcome there. I did not have any bad experience, moreover, I consider Israeli people my family, I consider Israel my home, does not matter what my documents clarify.
These days Israel is bleeding and I am heartbroken. Unfortunately, I am not in Israel right now, but I would like to point out that I am shocked how the world is so cowardly silent. One more time the world is closing eyes when Jewish blood is spilled on the streets. Due to this statement I want to emphasize that silence means support, so according to that fact, the world is one more time supporting those who spare hate, who despite life. In other words, those who are informed about brutal crimes which are happening in Israel and do nothing, say nothing are nothing but supporters of terrorists.
Nevertheless, it is difficult to support Israel and in the same time not to be there. Indeed, some people tend to judge to those who are not afraid to clarify the truth. Hence, I am not going to justify myself for supporting Israel, on the contrary, I am proud of it. However, I always say that it is not about Israel, it is about justice. Important to realize is that there are so many Muslim and Christian countries so I do not see the reason why one Jewish state is a problem? In fact, those who are not blind, those who are not afraid to speak out, Israel is the only hope which can defend innocent people and fight terrorism.
Given these points, presently, I barely have courage to read the news. Every day, few times a day terror attacks occur. I am going to mention some of them:
- Israeli teen stabbed near Damascus Gate.
- Four Israeli civilians injured in Dimona when stabbing attack has occurred.
- An Israeli police officer injured in stabbing attack in Kiryat Arba.
- An IDF soldier along with 4 Israeli civilians was injured in stabbing attack.
- Three police officers injured in stabbing attack in Jerusalem.
- Palestinian driver drove into two police officers at a checkpoint.
- Two civilians were stabbed by terrorist in a shopping mall in Petah Tikvah.
- Palestinian women stabbed two Israeli civilians.
- Rock throwing attack on seven cars has occurred on the road from Jerusalem to Tekoa.
- An Israeli couple were brutally murdered in front of their four children.
Hamas spokesperson Husam Badran glorifies the murder of this horrific crime and gives full support to the bloodthirsty terrorist who murdered Israeli couple in front of their children. According to him that was „ heroic operation“.
Remember, those who support Palestinians, support terrorism, and support Hamas who is nothing but terrorist organisation. Moreover, those who support Palestinians, support glorifying most brutal murders. However, I would like to point out that there are some Palestinians who want peace, but they are afraid to clarify it because Hamas is going to kill them. It is terror routine to kill own people and use children as human shields.
I would like to ask those who support Palestinians who glorify terror:
„Would you like wave of terrorism in your country? Would you like to be afraid to walk out on the street? Would you like to be afraid and wonder if your child is going to remain safe at school? Would you like rivers of blood in your country? What would you do if you figure out that your friend was victim of terror attack? What would you do if you know that if you get out of home you may be the next victim of terror attack? “
How could you support brutal murders that kill innocent civilians? Usually those who verify themselves as pro-Palestinian activists are nothing but Jew haters.
In my opinion, every human being who believes in humanity should stand up and support those who want peace, support Israel.
Did you know that Palestinians had made “educational “video: „How to kill Israelis“. It is very „peaceful“?
It is sick, brutal, shame for humanity.
Israel is bleeding and the world is silent one more time.
Holy Land is the land of hope and miracles; Israel is strong enough to defend itself but it is so sad that majority ignores wave of terrorism. Israel is not on the map in order to disappear, Jews did not return home in order to die, they are returning to their homeland in order to live. Like it or not Israel will prevail.