The cynical lies and bigotry of Linda Sarsour

What an irony, Linda Sarsour is talking about women`s rights which are “violated” by Zionists.
To be more specific she has told that: "Support for feminism and Zionism are incompatible." 
Moreover, Linda, doesn’t say the fact that for instance, in Syria girls as young as 12 have been married by force…. It is called: Pedophilia.
Linda does not say that in Saudi Arabia women are banned from driving.
Linda does not say that rape is not recognized as crime, so the victim may be stoned to death.
Linda “cares” so much for the women`s rights that she did not talk about “honor killings” which had occurred even in Palestine. I guess, she could not blame Israel about it, so the lives of those women are not important to mention.
Linda did not mention acid attacks or that in some countries husband is allowed to cut off a nose to his wife. Hence, again, lives of those women are not worth to mention according to Linda`s “value criteria”.
She does not say that Palestinian people elected Hamas which is terrorist organisation and violets all possible human rights, using kids as shield, disrespecting women.
Linda is famous Palestinian activist, she does not say that Israel supplies humanitarian aid to Gaza; for instance in January 2015 804 tons of goods, 16.8 million liters of fuel and 15,205 tons of construction material were delivered from Israel to Gaza.
I guess, she prefers to hide the facts.
Before saying a word about Israel, why don’t you do something in order to liberty young girls?
Why don’t you do something to rescue women who are beaten just because they are women and talk about those who are stoned in public? Where are their rights Linda?
I have watched a video where woman is stoned to death, do you know why Linda? She had cell phone, and that is the reason she died on the most brutal way.
Why don`t you talk about raped women? I guess, you can’t use it as an excuse to blame Israel.
In addition, Israel is the only country in the Middle East where freedom of religion is protected, women are protected, and gays have rights and guess what Linda? They are not murdered for it!
Obviously in this case Feminism is an excuse to talk against Zionism.
The sad fact is that many abused women who have no rights to say a word would be ashamed of your words Linda, because you did not tell a word about their suffering.
Instead of talking the truth, painful truth, Linda chose to spread hate speech ignoring women`s lives which are murdered on the most brutal manners.
Zionists are not your enemies Linda but hate is.