Why Muslims Want Special Status in India?

                                                 Why Muslims Perceive Themselves Outsider? 

                                    Why Equal Right to Hindus is Intolerant to Muslims?

                                           It’s enough, now, Indian Hindus and Muslims must acknowledge themselves as Indians, who lived in same land for centuries with mutuality, who spoke same language, who shared same culture.  It is overcoming to understand that, if  all citizens are equal in eyes of the Constitution, why  special status should be given to Muslims, why they want special status in their own country, where they are born, which is their own land, and share same culture and way of life. Why do they consider themselves as outsiders?

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Since the independence of India, special privilege had been given to Muslims at every sphere by Muslim biased Government (Indian National Congress), but why still they are under-privileged.


Indian Muslims, the most liberal in World, should now, at least, understand the reality of politicians, who used them as Hanson against Majority community for political gains.


Since Independence, as partition was on the grounds of religion, Indian and Pakistan governments and politicians, declared Hindus and Muslims as their innate enemy, who lived on the same land from centuries with brotherhood. 


Indian government persistently acknowledged to Indian Muslims that they are not like other Indian, their culture is not Indian and their language is not Indian


The Panjabi speaking Muslims who went to Pakistan were inhibited from speaking their own language and Urdu was imposed on them as language of Islam.


In the same fashion, Indian Muslims, who spoke Hindi, Persian, Tamil Panjabi etc, were told embrace Urdu as sacred language. 


And after physical partition, in the due course of time, politicians an government of both the Nations were successful in dividing their souls. 


Ironically, after 68 years of special status in their own country, it has become flaw for Majority community to seek something out of religions box. Any act by majority community- 'Hindu'-   started raising suspicion on their character.


And the limit is that even 'Equal Right to Hindu has become Intolerant to Muslims.'


When Christians, Jains, Sikhs, Buddhists, or Hindus are not given any special status in any Muslim majority countries like Saudi Arab, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Indonesia, Malaysia then, it is absolutely irrelevant to be given in India. Of non-Muslims are have not right to enter in Mecca and Medina, then special privilege to Muslims in countries with other religious majority  like India, China, USA, Britain is not understandable.


Taking to another instance, like India, Israel was also divided in religious liens - Muslims and Jews. The real suppression of Muslims can be seen in Israel. Here, Muslims are not even trusted and are bound to serve Israeli Army, as all Jews are compelled to served Army for at least 3 years. This did not happen in India. 


Partition manifested Israel for Jews and Palestine for Muslims, as Indian for Hindus and Pakistan for Muslims. Till to date, in Pakistan all Hindus have been vanished, torched in Bangladesh. But India emerged as the only country with rising Muslim population. 


When Muslim countries cannot attempt to tolerate other religion in their terrorist then why should all other religions are forced to tolerate them. 


Notably, this is only In India in whole World which is tolerating such caucus caused by Minority communities and still giving them special privilege, even in USA and Britain and Europe, Minorities are being suppressed to greater extent. 


Remarkably, Hajj Pilgrimage, thanks to Nehru-Gandhi dynasty's Muslim vote obsession, is being given in only India in whole World, rather it is not given in any Muslim country.